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Robert Ellis Langford
AKA Le Attol

  • My latest plugins; News and Thoughts

    So, I've been working on My plugins and the newest and possibly greatest is coming soon.

    About half a year ago I came up with a new technology within a plugin called the Hydra. It's the combination of a gain rider and a dynamic governor that reduces dynamically be percentile.

    I thought it would be a cool effect to add a compressor to three bands using this effect. I find I like the sound of a compressor; but now You can get the ease of knowing that the volume will also be regulated. -6 dBFS and -13dBFS as well as -18dBFS will be selectable.

    You can of course choose any other dB You wish in ebtween these.

    Furthermore, there will be stereo width for all three bands and attack release (that works really well thanks to Ruby).

    It will be called the Goliath and likely it will be the best Vocal Processor ever made (but maybe My newest limiter/gain rider will be a close second [called LA Processor]).
    I'll post a new entry when it's released.



  • Big Dream Producer & King Oz Records

    So, it becomes easy to see when going over sites that if they do not network they become inviable.

    And I like to network as well as I can. there are so many sites out there that just make a little off of advertising and a lot of work goes into running one.

    So, I cam across bigdreamproducer.com, I was pleasantly suprized; there were ads; but not too many and the site was fast. It seemed to Me like the site is an up and comer.

    Anyways, the admin emailed Me and asked if the site could host my plugs, i said of course. The early bird gets the worm. Though 32 bit; I make some of the best plugins that can be found on the internet, So, when I send downloaders off to bigdreamproducer.com to download My stuff it's because I endorse bigdreamproducer.com.

    There's a lot of useful stuff there and maybe You should check it out. I'll be making roughly 200 plugins which will soon be 64 bit as well and You can bet that all of them will be hoested on bigdreamproducer.com.

    I'll be making an 808 machine next, the best one ever made. I can promise You that. As well, I'm hoping other free sites can link to My plugins and ultimately bigdreamproducer.com. Maybe even pluginboutique will wish to host My stuff as it works very very well.

    32 bit or no, it works on FL Studio and FL Studio is now a bit more popular than Ableton.