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Official Blog

Saturday, February 25, 2017: 9:30 PM

The Spoils Of Victory Hating Democracy
    The Inconvenience of Democracy has never weighed lightly even when Looking back to the times of Democratic Rome and Greece.

Though, Notably both Civilizations Fell to Imperiums, Castes and Autocracies ultimately;    It's clear to see from salvaged Tomes and Scrolls That many would-be leaders and diplomats often "hated" the ideas of the concensus; The Mob.

    There's a very old, handy Word to describe it in the back of My mind, and there are such words; Though they are little used in this day and age. The only place You might hear them or Read them being "used" is In Plays. And that is the name of Public Servants:

    The "Handy" Men and Women of a bygone era. Those Who were sometimes called "Sherrif" and As I understand it have been called words like "Guard" - "Blood" and even "Prefect".

Yet; These people Have always Existed; Those that would "Lead a Mob" but if the Mob Disagrees with them; Then they are no longer wise; They are No Longer Leaders.

So why did I see Jodie Foster embarassing Herself on a podium with signs saying "No!"; And Talking about Trump - And His Leadership requiring advocacy.
But Here's a point For Ms. Foster to Consider:

Hey, Jodie Foster;     How about You sit down and stop Calling Your fellow Americans idiots; The very Ones who disagreed With You and Voted someone else in.

Stop Hating on Democracy; Lady.
Just Stop It.

Just because the World Disagreed with You does Not Make Them wrong.

If You think You can lead everyone; Then Run For President. That's Democracy

I swear to God;
    You think You have someone figured out after Being a fan of theirs for more than three decades and then You realize that She thinks people are just an irrelavant "Mob" that She can "Teach".

God: I command You to teach Them Jodie; You Must Show them the Way.
It must be nice living in a country with all those stupid people. Why, they'd just Jump off cliffs if Jodie did not tell them that they Were in Danger.

Maybe She had a sign saying "No!" lol. In the Year of "The Great Lemming Controversy"
All those nice people I met on Bus Trips to the States Must Have been paid actors I guess.

(They were just Making sure I never got to Meet The "Real Americans": The "'Stupid' Ones" - It's Why Those "People" seemed so Sophisticated and "Worldy"; Because they were "Actors")

After all; Is'nt that what these "Populars" are saying - That We need to be close to their Bosom and rocked sweetly into ignorance while they Whisper sweet Nothings into Our ears.
Just Thinking about it Makes Me drool. LOL.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017: 10:20 AM

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017: 5:20 PM

Mean Streets Bad Advice

So there's This Guy; And I don't need to Mention His Name, anyways; He's had ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy). He's been having problems. So; I offered Him some friendly advice,

I'd said the Brain takes a while to Heal after something so serious; I was saying Neuro Plasticity takes a while to stabilize; So rather than be too worried - Why not wait and See?

I said it's like Amnesia patients; Anything to do with a brain takes a long time to heal. I said it makes Sense to Wait.

It's really all a Guy can do - It seems common sensical; But a Nurse Megan; Had a funny sneer on Her face (Looking a little disgusted; Or "trying" to look that way). And She said I should'nt Be giving Patients Medical Advice; And Two years of education in My mind does'nt make Her "Caring".

The real problem is half these Guys Here Will never have a real friend. They'll meet people they are paranoid of - Or they'll be looking for the Angles. It's a shame when Nurses Do not seem as Kind as They could be.

For Instance;
     Someone had tried to tell Me that this was a Maximum secure facility - And not a place for Pleasantries - Or Music Sites about Music Doing Justice to a Dying Mother;

    And I said: it's a hospital.
And The Guy Had said:

"A Maximum Secure Facility" like Twice.
So I guess He's saying I should Just Spit on My Mom's Grave - And I should Be some freeloading Bum Doing Nothing While she Rots. All My time has been towards Making My Mother and father proud.

Sitting Around while Mommy dies...... Sad.

That's The way Josh Ladoucer would Have it. Because it's a "Maximum Secure facility" - Not a place to Make Music about Love and Joy and Family devotion....

Why don't We all take Josh Ladoucer's advice and Not do anything Nice for Our Parents at all.... Who cares if They "Die" - Who cares if they are Dying lol..... right?

Hey Man, It's a Maximum Secure Facility - Your Mom can Just Die thinking You're a No Good Bum See? Chum?

And I would'nt be surprised based on the expression of the Nurse if She writes something On My chart, It'll be funny to write the letter to the College Of Nurses. There is so Much "tude" - And the Nurses don't seem cool..

They seem like they have Social Issues. Less rigidity would make this place a safer place to live. A safer place for us all to be.
But I Guess that would be expecting too Much.. Forethought and Safety.

at 4:48 PM Feb 21'st, 2017 - I said To the Nurse Megan (After She Said I should'nt Give medical Advice):
"I don't work Here; Whatever". In An even, polite tone.

Monday, February 20, 2017: 3:30 PM

Forced Drugs Kill Stereo Width..............

Drugs that are given as Psychtropics are quite often the things that lead to weight gain.
    But has it dawned on anyone that Obesity is the Leading Killer in the Country?

Here's some links of Pages that describe this phenomenon (In Canada & Around the World) - local version - local version - local version

and furthermore Google is blocked for patients - We cannot effectively research the side effects of drugs due to this lack of technologies utilized to access information.

So here's a list of the side effects of a popular drug called Zyprexa. - local version
    (I'll Get Some Better Ones with References To Weight gain [media and so on])

Like a Dr. Angie Danyluk had done, There had been a Dr. Mc Gavin; And He had some far-fetched Diagnosis:
    called (Negative Symptoms)...

He was going to force Zyprexa on Me a year or so ago;
And I'd reacted Violently against Him Pre-emptively;

    Not a very smart Thing to Do
        I was Given 6 Months Probation.

And still they would take Someone (Like Myself) to a Consent and Capacity Board to force Treatment without That person having relevant and complete information about the risks of their use available to them - Not that 'that' in any way is an excuse for violence.

Now take this in context reader;
    Because I point Out that this Dr. Mc Gavin never talked to Me in person. In fact He was rarely there for clinical meetings (Mandatory).
The "Many" times I had to engage Him in conversation - He Refused/Declined; Suggesting that He would get To Me Eventually or that He was busy.

Now I know things a bit differently;
    Because My current Doctor; Dr. John Bradford speaks to Me quite often - And he's both engaged; And Professional.     This is a radical difference in contrast to the Behaviours of Problem Doctors I had in the past; Including:

    +  Dr. Arun Prakash
    +  Dr. Mc Gavin
    +  Dr. Angie Danyluk

All of the above Doctors Were Criminally Negligent and never Spoke With Me, I'll Report them all to The College Of Physicians when I have the time.

take a man like myself who gains or loses 20 pounds on a regular basis. - I weigh close to 300 but I'm not fat....

I'm of some descent that leads to size and large bone and muscle mass.
And imagine how at risk a person like Myself is.    having drugs forced without info for a person like myself can potentially lead to My experiencing either injury or death or both.

"I think there's a good possibility
that I can win a suit against the hospital just for this very fact.

And I think other People stuck in institutions Who are treated, or potentially treated forceably need to have access to enabling information technologies such as the internet.

They Need Feedback and information from Both People and Websites who List information about the side effects of Psychotropic Medications. There are many websites with people openly discussing their experiences.     Honest People Who say they have a condition, and they like to stay informed amongst those in the know.
Armed with Knowledge These people can prove that they understand the consequences based on collected information and Informed queries amongst peers (after their own investigation and self-teaching).

For A Person's rights to be Taken away.. to decide "something", In My Opinion...
It should first Be a topic that someone is "knowing of" or "understands".
    Knowing of adverse Side effects........

And for that power of Understanding to exist, Knowledge must be sought out. Knowledge is power - And it is that "Power" that is questioned By Doctors - Yet Not respected - Nor nurtured.

Books, they're good;
    But they Will not have Up to date Information regarding Side effects and lawsuits against specific drugs.

And furthermore - Not in the same volume - Or ease of reading:     You would Have to read a full book to find the same information.
Books in the case of Drug Effect investigation are almost useless.....

"Canadian Medicine needs to wake up" - Le Attol.

Take My Case, For Example:
Dr. Danyluk took Away My Rights To Consent to Any Drug, And not a certain drug - She never specified a specific drug.
    And the Devil's in the details.

Every Drug Has different side effects - But Obesity, Diabetes, Hyperglycemia (Especially in My Case - A 300 Pound Man);
Could Lead To Broken Bones and even Death.

"In this very same building;
    There is an older man Who broke His leg Getting out of bed named Joshua.

Imagine if I was injured at 400 pounds playing sports?...."
- Robert Ellis Langford (Le Attol)

Dr. Angie Danyluk Only has about 4-5 Years experience,
    She never formally assessed Me - Even Though She Presented a Consent & Capacity Assessment
    (Without interviewing Me [disregarding protocol]).

And She Never Discussed Any Particiular drug With Me.
She seems "slow" mentally. It's not a slur - Just an observation.

+ She wastes Other Doctor's Time
+ She wastes Hospital Time
+ She wastes Patient's Time
+ She Has a total Disregard for Governmental Protocol

"I'm not a bull; And this is'nt a rodeo" - R.E.L.

Saturday, February 18, 2017: 2:35 PM

Badass New Track Stereo Width

It has been a lot of learning to do to get where I am. Thankfully there have been many supportive and caring people Who have given Me the resources I have needed to make it where I am in regards to My Audio Engineering Education.

But recently, I've Improved - By Means Of something called "Stereo Width". It's one of the factors that have been holding Me back - And Now That I am getting over the hump My Newest track is a huge improvement, have a listen:

Le Attol - My Mothers Wrath - Disc 2 - 1 - Thug Nights (Polygamy) - 5:44
And also; I have made some changes to the site - I think they are both functional and pleasing to the eye. Very soon the links section will be Very attractive and will help You find any resources for making music - Cheaply or The Expensive way.

But do not forget to stay updated if You are a musician at My educational Audio Engineering site:

Friday, February 17, 2017: 10:02 PM

Bad Rules Modular Commitee

So I was told By My Doctor (Dr. John Bradford)

        That the people who reduce or decide to change
levels of Patients Are Those who are'nt even around the patients.

They're some secular, Modular Group of people called a level Commitee that changes levels without Knowing anything about someone face to face or in personal experience.

    This seems very wrong and illegal to Me. And in My mind it only serves against Nurses and Doctors interests. It means that In both cases, responsibility and some sense of control is lost.

I was told By The Doctor That Waypoint is One of the only Hospitals that has such a comittee. But, I mean; If I were a Nurse or even a guard for that Matter; I'd want to be able to do something. Even My Dr. Said he could do nothing to change their Mind - that they were a secular comittee and "They Do what They Want".

For instance; The Manager of My Ward; Brandon Lewicky: Tried To suggest that taking two levels away for both negative statements and impulsivity was Justified (After a Review)
(He's a very young Manager - Taking it up with the College Of Nurses).

But when I spoke to My Doctor (Dr. John Bradford):
    He'd had a different opinion; And wondered if I had got My levels back.

On what kind of scoring sheet is it saying something like "Not having a pen at a legal function is not having a leg to stand on 'negative'"
and for that matter on what scoring sheet is impulsivity something that could be considered a danger? I'll have to get the hospital charts and do some follow up with the College of Nurses.

Think back to almost a year ago - The stabbing By a Patient in the News; It's such Secular Commitees Making such Foolhardy and rash decisions that Got Patients and Staff alike into a position of risk.
Now I see staff Who are often exhacerbating patients (getting a start out of them) in the same light - But Usually in Many cases it is due to the fact that they are underqualified and in-experienced (They are Often RPN's or Young RN's).

"Like for instance there's a Young Nurse (RPN) who often Buds into conversations I'm having with other Nurses (RN's); Nurses with a Higher Rank - And He does'nt seem to realize that he's being Rude and Insubordinate by second Guessing their decisions.

A qualified and experienced RN Made a judgement call to let me off (Vicky Lao & Brandon Lewicky) the Unit and Josh Ladoucer Second Guessed His fellow staff Member (Vicky Lao & Brandon). Does Josh even for a second, Think about How much More experience his Co-worker has? The One Whom He is Undermining?

In both the Case of RPN's Becoming to agressive with both Patients and Fellow Staff I think that there is a problem at Waypoint.

I think there is also a problem with their being young Unit Managers. Though they have the credentials they hardly have the experience and Know-How.

Consider for instance the manager of the Beausoleil Program "Chad (Charles) Draper" - He's way too new to be a Manager, and Another staff Member with More experience can Help to smooth over delicate situations.

The real problem seems to be in both cases that there is too many Young staff. And too little accountability (Like in the case of the levels commitee). And I think More Patient Violence is likely as a result. Putting me and staff in Danger.

Friday, February 17, 2017: 9:38 PM

My Dad Dad Says

Would someone tell Tell My Dad (William Langford) That his Son is pretty cool?
Because He Does'nt seem to realize I'm making some of the best Music in Canada.

Today, I saw a staff Member (Who goes against the rules Using cellphones on the unit) causing trouble for Me. It looks like He's reporting My site (the version was in favorites) and He thinks in His mind that He's going to Give me trouble.
But I have news For You Mr. Ladoucer; is bought and paid for - And I plan to get some prepaid Credit Cards And make sure it renews itself for the next ten years. And I want to point out that:

Has been whitelisted on the Waypoint server - And added to it's blocking rules whitelist.
Here's a screenshot of that on Our shared Computer:

And in case You want to save the image; Here is a direct link to the Image:
Direct link

What This image shows is that through - I can make updates to My website and it is a whitelisted website when all other sites of the like are blocked. is on the whitelist of Waypoint's baracuda Web Filter.
My Dad, You see; Worries that Free speech In Canada is something that I need to fear doing.     He's been saying that by saying openly that Someone is causing Me Grief (And in using their first name); I will get into trouble. I think it's time My Dad is told By Fans of Le Attol where His son is at; with My Message of love for Family and Mother and a free Canada. A Canada without violent Rap and gangster Rap.

But in regards to - I guess it had been a Government run facility which kept monthly backups which could be accessed at a later time in chronological order for the American Government.
Well, as I understand it; It went into the public sector; And now can be accessed worldwide. What it does is keep a backup of the world wide web. So, if you look at an archived page; It's not an actual Web site - Just a static copy.

I guess their search spidering robot finds all files relevant and stores a copy - But what it Does Not allow is emailing, or interactivity - So in the tense of an overbearing institution - It's like a condom for the internet....

They can look but they can't touch. Frankly this service has saved Me from not being able to access a search engine - As I have used it to spider a search engine or two.

It really is ideal for Jails and Institutions to have it whitelisted because it provides some of security.

Friday, February 17, 2017: 8:59 PM

Penetanguishene Rink Thin Ice It's pretty scary; When there's Ice to skate on; And no-one tells You that it's melting.
But I suppose what vexed Me most was while I was skating and tripping on a half thawed rink I Beaned a John leclair on The Helmet by accident. I mean, It's a good thing that I am ambi-dextrous but I'm only so good with a left handed stick (The One they gave Me).

So; I hope He did'nt complain, But I was trying to apologize and He did'nt seem to want to hear it. Oh well, I guess it's what you get for standing talking to someone through the mesh when close to the net. It comes with the territory.

But I guess after losing two levels for what seemed like neglible reasons I worry; (sometimes about small things) I still have Yet to have them returned to Me. And they were for these two reasons:

+  Impulsivity (Asking for a pen during a legal function :/)
+  Negative Statements (I said Not having a pen is like not having feet on legs)

So I guess maybe it seems clear to the reader that There's stress for somewhat undue reasons. So simple things like asking Tyler Gracey for same space when He skated two feet away from Me (fetching a ball with the stick over the boards) - And then Suggesting that I would Pick up the two chunks of ice when I was done.

I told them that frankly; If there was a complaint about me I'd call Canadian Safety and that'd Be it - No More rink. Because someone could break their leg on half thawed ice. They could have just waited. And that'd be that. Non-Issue

But all the same a Guard who has RPN training but Not an RPN License named "Ryan Cooper" (Who is still a security Guard [PCA]) - I witnessed making a note on someone's file. So; Frankly even that complaint was enough for Me to get backup. I called Health Quality Ontario Canada, about two safety related concerns.

One concern is that on Our ward there are no garbage Bag Liners. And the plastic is permeable. They are not steel trash cans and They use Bio Cleaners In Waypoint Penetanguishene. They are not sufficient in My Mind to avoid potentially fatal Salmonella, Ecoli, and Transferrable Diseases. Furthermore Hazardous Biohazardous material is a serious issue too.

And My second concern is that there is this Ice Rink and Yet they do not cancel Yard when it is half thawed. Someone could break a leg - And then We would not have a Rink at all. I think We all expect some accountability and responsibility. It's a matter of clear thinking and Forethought. And I Hope Health Canada can talk some sense into Waypoint's Management.
Because frankly; If I was in a position to lose levels again (due to anything happening on the rink) - I can point out; That the ice was half frozen and I nearly fell when the puck Missed its target. What's A Guy to do.

Friday, February 14, 2017: 10:14 AM

Loud People Filter Golden Gates

    Gates Can be very handy When You are debreathing (taking background noise away from a track). And very much so recently. There was a staff (Josh Ladoucer) in The next Room carrying On while I was recording My Singing;
I usually record about twice or once a week; Anyways; When I initially tried the gate I usually use - His laugh and Background Noise were getting through -

So Lol, I made a complaint. But then at night When I turned on the other gating software (Plektron Guitar Amp 2.2) all the background noise was gone. So all's well - I retracted My complaint - And I can Move on. So If You have Loud Kids or something - Try The Plektron Guitar Amp; You can read more about it at My educational site. Cya.

Want To listen to the Beta version of the Track?
Children Of The Sun.mp3

Friday, February 13, 2017: 9:00 AM

Women In Hockey
Was Wayne Gretzky
So I Guess it boils down to Women Being Added to the NHL, Why Talk about it? Just DO IT.

    I've talked with other Guys about this idea. Women in Hockey. And When You really think about it - Wayne Gretzky is not all that large. In fact He's a rather thin, wiry man.

And it's been his size that he has used to propel Himself to greatness. Kudos Wayne; Every Canadian Agrees that he has done us Proud. But is there more to it? Was His weight class a realization that Women "Belonged" in Pro Hockey? I don't watch Women's hockey at all.

    And the reason I watch hockey in General is usually as a conversation piece, A conversation starter. It's a means That I can socialize.     And I suppose because there has been No-one talking about it - I have not been interested. It's not that I'm a follower; But instead that I care what other people are up to. And it's cool that We can find common ground.

I don't want to talk about it - Who cares?
Anyone would vote the Right Woman to President or Prime-Minister; Same with Hockey.
But The other day there was an all star women's game on. And I realized there was not many people in attendance. But it's like i said the reason I even watch the sport is to socialize. And while I think that's awful for them - I also realize: Why the hell are'nt Women in the sport?

"There are so many Russian guys and Polish Guys in hockey that are very small and yet people argue that women do not have the strength to compete. That's a ridiculous notion.

Friday, February 10, 2017: 5:43 PM

VS Gangster Rap Is it cool to be a Criminal?

I guess that's what I see when I look at Rap Today as a whole. I see a serious problem with Criminalism. You see I don't think It's cool at all; And when I think of Rap I think Of Sweet Women dancing with Smooth Skin and Flashy Smiles. Black Skin, White Skin; Brown Skin; Asian Bodies, And I get so excited and I just Want to dance and Hava great time - And I realize the Criminal element and The Gangster element lets Me down.

You know, I think that's why I got into Rap;

I thought that Maybe I could help Rap to break away from this stigma. I mean, You're still a tough Guy or Girl; What have You, But, You're somebody. And Somebody Who's Music Gets Played.
They Don't exactly play Notorious BIG in restauraunts. And there's a reason for that. I think art can Be beauty, And Art and Life. Tracks that I did like Synth Love are the realization of this philosophy. In the track I speak out against Piracy; Now do not get Me wrong - I think Torrenting is one of the most useful applications of Our day. And I often buy software, But having the older versions is sometimes like time travel; And an earlier version can Be so much better sometimes.

But I don't steal or pirate - I'm no gangster, But You would'nt believe How many old products that are floating around that you cannot even Buy anymore. We're talking Vintage VST equalizers, Processors and Some of the best Gear which will never Be equalled. So; I guess By sharing this philosophy I'm showing that I see the good and the bad of Most things.

But it is Al' Quaeda and the Taliban who are Pimps, And Hustlers and Gangsters; And I am none of those things. I think Rappers need to do the responsible thing and We need to stop promoting these philosophies that Only serve to promote the kind of Behaviours and Norms that these Muslim Extremist factions are standardizing.

Rap is one of the truest Art Forms That I Know of; And I promise You; You are listening to pure entertainment, That is to say entertainment with no Let down. There's no way I'm going to quit And I will be there for My Fans, and I will be the Rapper that is invited to socializing at its most elegant and sophisticate levels. I am making art, Though I am not defacing statues with Fig leaves I am embracing Who I really Am as a Canadian to say No. No to crime and No to Violence, and No to Gangsters, and Worries. My friendly skies are warm ones. And the women Hanging with Me are going to Be so lighthearted and happy; Socialites That are My equals and Yet so beautiful. I am No Pimp; But I Am a Man.

And even the Products which I make My Music From are legitimate and true - And in their essence What You are Hearing is an expression of Joy.

Friday, February 10, 2017: 12:05 AM

The Johnathan Bradford Files Dr. Johnathan Bradford

He's the Doctor Whom I've spoken to; And more than any other Doctor working in any facility. I don't always agree with him; He seems to keep Himself busy; But He suggests to Me that There is only so much He can do when it comes to stopping another Doctor from continuing a Consent and Capacity Board.

"The Doctor (John Bradford) tells Me that He Can't Stop Another Doctor's Consent & Capacity Board From Taking place (Even when I'm being told that I don't understand the implications of not taking or taking a non-descrip drug by a Dr. Angie Danyluk.)

But I guess I question how truthful that is; Or perhaps it's the Jist of it; He's being Clear with Me; That He does'nt agree with Her diagnosis so Much - But why is it Doctors Have a problem correcting other Doctors when they're wrong?

It puts Me in a position; Because I think of what I'd do: I'd raise hell that someone would make a mockery out of a sacrosanct institution that was designed to Help people. Can it instead Be used as a carte Blanche to BULLY them?: The CCB (Consent & Capacity Board).

Is Dr. Bradford Burnt Out? That's what I asked Myself when I left Him a message; Asking if not stopping the CCB was a way of One to One therapy - Which in His Words "Might Lead to Depression". I asked if the stress and sadness part was the therapy....
And more importantly; Why does Angie Danyluk intimidate Dr. John Bradford? (I did some digging).

I guess apparently, Dr. Angie Danyluk made all kinds of Money, I guess that's By doing Government Contracts or even private ones or something. But at any rate I was able to find some of her earnings online:

   Local Copy:  

I used to believe in Canada; but now I see a bunch of poorly raised Big Kids telling people in the Know what to do;
And getting Away with it

Because Most other people have better things to do than correct them.

"The only thing Canadian that I believe in
anymore is the power to sue people that Make Our country and system Corrupt.

I don't "Believe" in People who sit on fences - Because the only thing that Will Prompt change are Lawsuits Championing sacrosanct Institutional Laws and Practises. It's My new way of life - "If" I can find the right lawyer.

Dr. Bradford works hard -
But He's a reminder that a problem is still there.
And He's made it clear that the problem at hand is still mine to solve;
His hands are "tied".

What can He do?

He's just a Dr. after all.

Like for instance this guy to the right Has not exactly gotten us the services We once had, but He takes a good picture. Makes You realize We should all spend time and Money working on the Hair and Nose "ness". Because People like Him Get Adoration, And it's not always warranted, but they do -- Sigh -- Grow Luscious Hair and Show Off Your nose, that's the ticket.

Even though another Dr. Is taking Me to a Board to Prove that I do not understand the repercussions of any treatment at all. Because She never specified any Treatment that I should or Should NOT have understood.

Thursday, February 9, 2017: 7:51 PM

Is The Pen Mightier? I guess That's what I have to wonder and "Bet" Upon. Because Today I was told that I lost Two Privilige "levels" because I asked the Facility's Lawyer "Janice BlackBurn" for a pen So I could write down a date at 10:15AM on Wednesday, February the 8'th (write down The Day which We would reconvene in a teleconference).

It was during yesterday (February the 8'th) at 10:30 AM that Josh Ladoucer asked Me "Should You really have asked for a pen? After what you did?".

And I have to admit; I used to think the Guy had a brain in his head;
But now I think that the guy has been Hit on the Head too many times. Even mass murderers in the most secure prisons are writing their memoirs with a fancy fountain pen after taking Calligraphy, and Yet the Hospital Where I'm At "Waypoint" does'nt even make them available. So Of course I'm going to try and sue for damages. It's very stressful being told that You Do not have the Civil Right to use a pen; Especially at a legal function that is deciding Your rights and future.

A Now Postponed Consent and Capacity To Treatment Board which will Reconvene in about two weeks time to decide when The official Date We will have the hearing at. There was a Guard Who'd said "You know better than to ask For a pen; Don't You Rob?" Good thing that retard is merely a security Guard Because if He was'nt He'd be sued along with the hospital. It's the Hospital's fault that the guards are not given training to Provide a "safety" Pen at such hearings. Especially in such an instance where the individual is representing themself.

So the official reasoning that They Used was "Impulsivity" and "Negative Statements".

So I Guess that's like saying that:

Me saying "not having a pen at a hearing is like a leg with no foot to stand on" is a really negative thing to say.
Me believing that I had the right to write down My strategy to defend Myself and Make notes Based upon what Lawyers were saying was Impulsive.
Shortbus Much -- Goofy guard?

Thursday, February 9, 2017: 7:04 PM

Support trump on AcidPlanet #1!     Listeners on can sometimes be few and far between; But I believe that will change in time.

Especially due to the fact that Magix Has Bought The Sony Products and Now Owns as well. (Though I miss the PRO Features which at one time had been made available for a small fee).

Listen to Support Trump (

Check Out The Acidplanet Main section and notice that This track is the top rated overall. That To Me is an indication that People support Mr. Trump; And Though Judges are trying to say That His ideas are imprudent; Perhaps this Judge needs to concede that His views are not the views of the people. I believe if people were to vote on the Ban, Judges would be embarassed by the overwhelming response. These Judges sound about as confused as Hillary was at Her lack of Votes. Reality Bites Ladies and Gentlemen.

It's this sickening reality: Judges Who are in this sickening "Anti-reality Bubble" need to break out and listen to voters. We support trump in His ban; And We Want To Vote on It. That's what Americans, Canadians and Mexicans Say. We don't want them in Our Countries! These Judges are just Out of Touch As Hillary and her 'Supposed' supporters were. If they really supported Her; Where their Votes?

It's clear to see that People are concerned about Muslim Extremists selling whores, Illicit drugs, Guns and Means of Underground Addictions like "Rape Sex" and Venues which support and encourage "Snuff Killing".

"And let's face it, their "Tourists" are at a state of War with Us, and Many are just Coming to Pick up "Money" which They can launder into Swiss accounts. Money made with Drugs, Murder and Crimes

Keep in Mind, that not only can extremist Indoctrinators use The Muslim faith as a means of Coercion but also Drugs that are peddled on the street. "Dope" that can either Dull the Mind or Make you unable to make Children.

"Either" medium is an effective way of coercing the Youth into making them do what they want. And let's not Forget that Muslim extremists are very big into selling whores, and Not just the standard prostitute, but Beautiful women abducted right under our Noses - Anaesthetized and Gang raped. The real world to these extremists is this harsh and stark reality; That is very different to Our Own.

Thursday, February 9, 2017: 6:06 PM

Bruce Lee Hockey     So, I was chatting with someone about the Montreal Canadiens, and We were conversing regarding The training regimen; And I reminesced about The philosophies of Bruce Lee, Which for all intensive purposes Might be a result of another Master's Philosophies But they are popularily associated With Bruce Lee; (In regards to the Way Bruce lee capitalized on Sinew).

Bruce Lee Pointed out that Martial Arts which was designed for the Chinese Opera and entertainers: Was that of An art designed for a smaller combatant;
Specifically Wing Chun.

It is in the quick motions with less motion that comes it's strength. In essence being a result of the Most powerful muscle in the body called "sinew". I was mentioning this to Josh Ladoucer; Suggesting that Maybe it would be a good training program for Goalies.

I reminesced of seeing A&E (Arts and Entertainment Channel) Having a special on the Tunnel rats of Vietnam. And how they were some of the most powerful Men; It is likely that due to their smaller environment (Crawlspace) and the fact that Their limbs did not have the chance to fully extend that They became so Mighty.

I was saying that If You were to have a bag the right size which restricted Your motion to some degree; Like something the size of a tall potatoe sack that perhaps the body Would become both faster and stronger. It would be due to the fact That Your fatty muscle would not Be relied upon as Heavily; And instead the Brunt of the work would be given to the Sinewy Muscles: (The Thinner, Denser Muscles closer to the Bone)

I think it'd be cool to see that Training method's results;

    But perhaps the Bag would need to a high tensile-strength Mesh that Did not cause Chafing to the skin.

Finding the material to make this nearly full Body length bag would be a difficult thing But I suppose if it could breathe You would have an ideal workout medium. Imagine being able to work out the Older Stronger Sinew rather than The Younger and Fattier Muscle. It'd Be a hard workout routine, and I suppose it would be Orchestrated By Flopping around on a gymnasium floor. Perhaps by Moving plastic balls from One side of the auditorium to the other and back.

It's these styles of muscle Groups and Movements that a Goalie relies on the most; and perhaps with the right fitting and Measurements; The "Sack" could be constructed and tailored to fit. Well, Montreal Canadiens; If You're looking to improve Your Goalies training Regimen That's My original idea which You could implement.

In nature; One of the most powerful Creatures is the Beetle. And beetles have a special kind of muscle that If memory serves correctly is called Proto-Muscle; It is in a state of flux but Can provide Super-Being like strength from a small, goopy mass. Apparently these Beetles can lift thousands of times their weight.

Food for thought, Sinew Training could improve the Game of Hockey. Esecially due to the fact that now the pads are Smaller. The fatty muscle in Our body is not neccessarily all that strong, And it's "Muscle memory" is less than effective. Would not this be an effect of the Body Continually replacing the "Younger" Muscle's Cell Tissue? The Tissue directly related to Sinew is Denser and Older; Furthermore it's ability to retain Muscle memory is "heightened".

Wednesday, February 1, 2017: 12:20 PM

How Art Hateful Music,

How do You get the "Sic" out of music?
I guess that's what staff were trying to do when they blocked every web site using the Baracuda Web Filter at Waypoint Centre in Penetanguishene, Ontario.

I had been in solitary confinement You see, Years ago. I had been in solitary for about 6 months and I had been writing Music with Mustard and a banana stem.

As it turned out - It was some of My best Music I ever wrote. But anyways, after getting out of My cell for a few hours at a time, I started trying out the computer available to Residents of the Beckwith "B" Unit. It had been great;
And staff had seemed very accepting and encouraging.

I made an account at, I was learning everyday how to make music. I had dreams of making classical Music, I started writing a Musical, and I was learning How to improve on My rap and beat-making.

    It was hard to believe how much free stuff there was for me to access. And furthermore; I had felt out of touch for years; I was this ball of anger and resentment, and You know; The internet and having access to the world of Music made Me calm and I gained My bearings again.

But then, when I moved to the Beausoleil Unit, (The Unit with the highest priviliges) those sites; and access to those sites started to be blocked. One after another; After another.

"I guess if I had been someone else with less of an even temperment; I would have been riled.

These are the same people who say that they are caring and supportive. And yet they will not allow access to sites that have samples for making orchestral music like the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's site:

And they'd blocked My access to KVRAudio just as soon as I was getting good enough to enter into Music making contests. These people who claim to be nurses can be hateful, demeaning savages and there is no polite way to say it. I would have doubted it, frankly if some resident of a facility from such a place as "Waypoint" had suggested that they are blocking arts sites. But they used some excuse like saying a site is "interactive" and a "way of contacting the outside world". These people working here do not seem to give a damn about the freedom of speech. And this is NOT the United States.

They blocked access to a site called "" where people can find Free instruments and synthetic drums for making music on their computer, even virtual orchestra programs such As "VSCO" which allow You to unleash Your imagination with Classical Instruments in seemingly great number.

There's a guy "Bill Gordon" he was trying to say that "" seemed like some shady site when in fact it's the official site for the German Music making magazine "Beat (";

They blocked I wonder what their fickle excuse for that was. I'm sure it was something hateful and resentful. Something snide about people accessing music making programs for free I imagine.

But this is'nt My Canada anymore, not the Canada I used to remember where We Cared about arts and entertainment. These are the same people Who were making it hard for Me to make the album "I love My Mother, Anne Jennifer Langford" (To listen to that album press HERE)
[press the back arrow on top left of screen to come back to this article as it plays].

And My Mother is Dying of A.L.S.: It's a disease that slowly cripples Your Central Nervous System and Your body stops being controlled By Your brain.
But I had "freestep"; A genre of Music I started Making in Whitby. I finished the album well for the most part; And I believe it's one of the best ever made. I will ensure My Mother's name lives on forever. I hope to God that somehow ALS is cured; But if it is not, She knows for a certainty that I will ensure that She is remembered.

"Freestep". The Genre I had envisioned when finding the website called; Basically, Looperman is where You go if You want to find other artists who release sound samples that You can add to your own compilations. Often all they want in return is for You to add their name in the contributing artists field and You're legal. I thought to Myself that I'd found love and music as one; because it was Music with no borders...

You could conceivably make a song with five other artists, and it's like a symphony of worlds colliding. And even though there is and was no way for Me to upload music to Looperman; They said No to being whitelisted, Or they said they would consider it, and never did anything about it.

Like Chad Draper's empty promises (Chad Draper had been the manager at Beausoleil 'B' - The Man who angered Many residents by His inability to effectively assist in their longterm goals).

Like how again and again - Saying He was going to give a list of sites to the IT Dep't to be whitelisted. Only so that A guy who had once been My Primary Nurse named "Ian Driver" could tell Me that a button that had Facebook "Likes" on it was some kind of chatting device.

    My mother is now On life support
            and I'm trying to make Her proud of Me.

I'm one of the more peaceful and caring people in the hospital, And yet they kicked Me off the "Beausoleil" Unit. They tried to say I was some Retard who does'nt understand what taking drugs means to Myself or To My Life. They said My ability to understand the rammifications of an Unspecified Anti-Psychotic was retardated. Even though those retards did not specify any "drug"

And yet "Chad Draper" and "Dr. Angie Danyluk" Have succeeded at nothing but "Riling" and "Enraging" clients:

Residents Who are residing on the Beausoleil B Unit.
Clients Who've become
Half The skill of the Job is keeping People on the Unit
They instead threaten and Exhacerbate. Neither of them have the Knowhow or experience to avoid Deadly Conflicts.
Due to Their Imprudence, They are Liabilities
and threats to their

Now I'm not defending anyone Who uses a screwdriver to stab someone in a facility;
But frankly, Chad Draper and Dr. Angie Danyluk did something to Anger that Man "Adam"; The Client who stabbed staff at Waypoint facility;

You are guilty of exhacerbating clients; Mr. Draper; And so is Dr. Danyluk, The very same Dr. Who is trying to suggest that I was incapable of "understanding treatment" and it's rammifications.

What's more of a model patient: than someone like Myself who makes Music Albums about loving His Mother? Where are Your priorities, Dr.? Mr. Draper? You and that Dr. Danyluk threaten people with violence if they will not bend to Your whims and those People act out.

"Violence begets Violence Dr. Danyluk, Mr. Draper;
    But You did'nt get a start out of Me, I'm too savvy for that nonsense."

"Instead this is a country where people in a position of influence and power can deny people rights to access information and articles about art and love and peace.

All that they instead allow You is access to TV with Movies and television surrounding ideas of Hatred; And Violence and Malevolance. These same people are infact usually people addicted to hurting people and turned on by violence and murder. Some of these people in here are serial killers and rapists. There is nothing sexual about a violent rape - It is nothing short of brutal and totalitarian violence. Is blogging or searching for stuff to make music with going to enrage them or make them dangerous... Really?

Just two days ago I noticed there was a programme on TV (On the Big 60" screen in a Common Area/TV Room) in which there was a black woman being brutally raped by a white man, Who then gets shot by another man with a crossbow. And yet - the internet is Not OK?

"Just Today (4:05PM),
    there was a caucasian staff Member (Nurse) "Oliver" speaking to an older Black Man Named "Steven Farmer":

Who was asking Why Steven kept Calling Him "Brother", I popped My head out of the door to tell Him that everyone uses the term "Brother" and to 'stop giving Him a hard time'."

'Brother' is a term of endearment and peace; Though Oliver's "Mindset" is clearly not indicative of either. Steven's Tone had not been that of a pessimistic one, or in an "Exhacerbating / Agitating" light. Just Monday, a "Josh Ladoucer" was giving Me problems about Me saying the Word 'Man'; By referring to Him as 'Man'; In both cases it's argumentative and indicae of two "Men" who are starting an argument with someone - Plain and simple; This is not the Army.

(I guess My blog Got us shaves finally)

Would'nt people in institutions blogging actually be a way of diagnosing a problem or illness more effectively.

Is an illness not going to merely "hide" within a gilded cage?

  +  within static walls?
  +  Unseen and Untreated.

How do You Flush Out such treatable conditions but by their mindsets being judged by those surrounding them (on the internet) - Often by their peers? And furthermore By gaining insight into their ideations regarding the ideations with which they feel will gain them acceptance 'amongst' their peers?

Instead of Canadian citizens having access to Google which allows them to learn about the side effects of drugs that are offered to residents here, the internet is blocked. Technically does that not mean that every CCB Case at Waypoint facility is nullified?

Residents Who have been held at Waypoint in Penetanguishene Ontario, Canada who Have been treated forceably have the right to sue:

Due to the fact that information has not "freely" been made available to them regarding treatment and issues surrounding that treatment.
Patients at the Waypoint Facility Who are treated Forceably should Be calling their lawyers. They and their families could be collecting Millions of dollars in compensation.

Don't "patients/residents" have the right to access information from the internet about drugs, and about their side effects? And what about lawyers and even their own doctor. This is critical information that every person needs to access so as to understand their situation better and to better realize their treatment and/or quality of care?

The Music program in this facility has Been shut down by the Government for at least 8 months. And so has the ability to Use the Crafts room. If Justin Trudeau were to actually give a Damn about Canadian Citizens and Rights to pursue Arts and Love and Peace, then There would 'actually' be a library in this Government funded facility; And the school would be bolstered in it's ability to offer credentials, and The vocational center might get a few more staff and more hours to operate.

Justin Trudeau says we have to bend over for His "Plan" to improve services; But name one service that He's restored. Everyone "hated" Bob Rae; But our Governmental services were at an all time high and There were Many monetary options for single Dads and Moms.

But I just never like the leaders that the NDP chooses; Too bad for them I guess.

And what about Schools?
Where is the programming we Lost? And what about regaining the OAC Levels in High school instead of merely Grade 12? Many Students benefited from the OAC Graduate levels At High schools.

And Our Gym programs still suck. How is it that we're living like it's War time in Iraq (in Iraq) and yet Justin's party is saying that there are improvements. Name One improvement, Name One service that We've gained back from the Onslaught of the Conservative (AND the liberal) party. I think everything that happens here at Waypoint is reminescant of what occurs in the rest of Canada.

I believe We are losing to childish sentiment and wishful thinking. I believe that We need to stop making blunders and We need to start actually using this Money which We raise towards important services. It's nice that Justin Wears Funny hats for Immigrants, but why Do We have to live like Immigrants. Do Sikhs want to live like they are in Pakhistan, or India, Or Sri lanka? This is No laughing Matter. China has less Money; And their education system is surpassing ours very quickly.

Monday, January 31, 2017: 12:47 PM

Nurse Nicole? Droids? Nurse Nicole,

I had been talking to staff on the Unit at Penetanguishene's Waypoint (where I am held). And I was asking staff that after they were done spoon count if they could let me out (to go down to canteen).

But I was trying to avoid the feeling of Phlemn in My nose - I had a cold. And I stopped talking momentarily. I then said to them about going off unit when it was time if the key person could let me out of My cell etc etc.

And then this Nurse Nicole looks at Me and says to Me "You're not feeling like Yourself". It was bizzare - Kind of like When Obi Wan Kenobi said to Stormtroopers that they were'nt looking for droids.

So, of course I explained to Her that I was fine; And I had a cold. She made a funny face. And You know of "Baby Talk". You know how people will use that way of speaking? well; She does and it makes most people downright pissy. Maybe by posting this On My blog She won't do that to people so much.

But anyways, a day before there was a female staff saying that the Lowrider pants My parents bought for Me were cramping My style, and that I was "Cracking Out"; That I was "Cheeky", That she could see the tip of odius Man Cleavage, That My Ass Crack was Poking out of My pants. Being that I Was wearing Lowrider pants I pulled them up about one inch (all they would spare). And I got to thinking - Why is it that all of these women are wearing such damned tight clothes? I don't exactly feel sexy with weirdos surrounding Me; And frankly, It's Un-Neccessary.

So, and the fact that staff in the past have tried to tell Me that I'm terribly overweight Fair is fair; I'm not fat! You're fat!.
Le Attol - My Mothers Wrath - 8 - Nurse Nicole (Bad State)

Monday, January 30, 2017: 8:50 PM

Et Tu Vader? Darth Vader,
[press image to right for full sreen image]

If James Earl Jones ever does quit, I might try out for the part. Our tone, resonance and means of forming words is almost identical. But I merely have to talk in a different way, less bass and more baritone.

Press this link to hear Me impersonating Darth vader (in a song):
Le Attol - Ghost King - 5 - Kronig Park (instrumental)

I added the effects Myself.

It'd be cool to do the voice of Vader for Disney, for sure. I did an Image in photoshop of Darth Vader's mask from scratch Because I love the character. Press HERE. I used to do a lot of designs in photoshop so I thought it was fun. I would definitely gloss it over though and use some lighten and darken brushing as well as some lightroom effects.

Admittedly, I have to buy some of the newest Adobe Products, But I have legitimate older versions of the software for which I have the receipt.

In regards to the song; Frankly I'll add lyrics soon. The old version sounded hateful. Not all gangster; But hard edge. I'm trying to avoid that stigma.

Monday, January 30, 2017: 1:39 PM

Thick as... [Part 1] Josh Ladoucer,

    He's the "Man" who likes to be seen as intensely professional.
He works at the Waypoint facility in Penetanguishene. He's an "RPN"; A "Registered Practical Nurse".

I guess RPN's have to take Two years education to Become one of the Lesser Qualified Nurses here.

It would take the same amount (2 Years) of education in HTML language at both W3C Schools and various Tutorial sites to even be able to lay out a page as well as I do, lol. And I got an A+ at Connestoga College in Guelph for HTML (I'll track down the paperwork as a reference).

    Two years education so that He can Be a loud bully :P.

    Anyways, I do the laundry job; And He "seems" to have a problem with people getting rid of the
dirty towels
close to "Lock Up". Keep in mind too, that this is a place where a lot of the guys do not shower
(Those towels will stink with or without You Josh; They won't ask Your permission).

When in fact, this "Unit" used to smell like Feces (All day long).
They Do not pay the Janitor (I used to be a janitor, love the name "janitor")
enough hours to give this Unit the attention that it deserves.
So a "Ward Worker" (Like Me) picks up the slack.

So, I guess to encourage these "Men" taking showers they are relaxed about the policy regarding when You can take a shower. On most other units in the facility showers are shut down at 9:30 at night.
So it makes a lot a sense to make an exception. But I mean; I already do the Towels 4 or 5 times a day. So, if it is close to the official lock up time (around 10:30 "oficially") what does it matter. If there is less stink on the unit there is less stink. And that's what matters. It is neither here nor there that I had done showers at 9:30 - minutes before.

"But this is in the same unit that they are having a problem maintaining and organizing Daily shaves. We are lucky to get shaves "Once" a week.

And that's what is lacking in Waypoint......

There are yard times which staff can not seem to maintain;
There are recreation center facilities and even a school that was shut down for about 8 or 9 months.
The Unit "Beckwith A" Has a Problem organizing Shaves (deserted island much?).
They Don't Give Out Combs (Lice, Dandruff, Bugs? CDC Warning).
They don't have enough Pens for people to write with, and the ones they do have They Kept Losing (staff. losing them).
They do not use liners in the Garbage Bins (AIRBOURNE VIRII, TOXIC BIOHAZARDS, Stink, Insects).
I'll have to contact the CDC and the Health dept. about that. Children should not manage facilities like Waypoint.

without them looking for a serious solution to the problem(s) at hand..

    I believe this has a lot to do with how children are raised in this day and age.
"If The People working here worked in a "Jail"; The Jail would have to shut down and re-hire."

I believe that if kids believe that they can just pout and quit; They always will.     Even when they become Security Guards, Doctors or Nurses.
They will sit idly by blaming some phenomenon for it. Nothing but the world suffering with them will do. For instance; In this same facility there was a Young Man named "Keegan". And if they give "Keegan" an apple He starts hitting Himself on the head with the apple. Is it playful? Is it to make You wonder? Probably just a game; But in the end; He's the same Young man who tried to Kill Himself with a bag of some kind. So staff decided that "all" bags must be in their direct line-of-sight. Here's exactly what they decided:

Even though maggots and bugs are going to be a problem (Not to mention the stink), They are taking bags out of Garbage cans on units. But keep in mind; They already moved the Garbage Cans from the rest of The unit so that the only ones were in plain view of the front desk. This can undoubtedly lead to airbourne Viruses like the flu, like colds and sometimes even salmonella; Or for instance, that virus that made people sick in Maplehurst Correctional from the rotten frozen veggies?
    So, this means that even though the only Garbage cans on the unit are right in front of staff; They took the bags out; Because "Management" thought that they "could'nt handle" watching the "Cans" and that somehow, a patient would steal the Bags from the Cans in plain sight of them. I'll make sure to call the Ontario Health and Safety Place and mention this (and make reference to this blog entry)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017: 9:31 PM

Marpac Gets Even Steven With Dr. Gojer (Continued) Dr. Julian Abel Constantine Gojer,

   The same Doctor who was trying to say that I believed that "Someone" was listening in to Me, whilst in 2008, I lived at 95 Alice St. Apt. B in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

And of course I had'nt believed anyone was listening:
    That's a ridiculous notion.

At any rate, After doing some research (on the internet) I realized that Dr. Gojer either used to - Or still does work at a Sleep Clinic in Ontario, Canada.

Here's the local copy of that site (sleepontario) I found: - Staff
And here's the link to the actual site:

Furthermore; Here's the link to's copy: - Staff @
Julian Abel Constantine Gojer And I suppose what's funny is that dr. Gojer would be well aware of such devices such as the Sleepmate by Marpac.
So, Ultimately, What gives Dr. Gojer?

"Why would You say that the same devices (Marpac Soundscreen / Sleepmate) which You use in Your line of work were anti-spy devices when You knew full well they were'nt?
We will have to decide that in litigation I suppose. Of some kind.    

"He'd asked Me, 'For the sake ofargument, where I would get such an item'?.. the "Sleepmate"
[during the mental assessment He gave Me]

I explained that I'd seen them on the news, (or a brand like the ones I bought):

I explained To Dr. Gojer:
   > That they (Marpac Machines)......
  Help You sleep;

       > That My neighbours......
  were very Loud;

           > That I had purchased them......
  on the internet

He tauntingly asked:  If someone wanted to buy one; Could they be "bought in a store".
   I ventured a guess soberly and said You probably could.
        (buy them in a store).

Here's a Doctor who works in A sleep clinic. For a Sleep Organization (of the Province of Ontario)
that fails to recognize products like the SleepMate / Soundscreen / Dohm By Marpac as a therapy device.

Even though, widely accepted and credible organizations like the "National Sleep Foundation"
Wholly Recommend Marpac's Sound Conditioners as a way of Avoiding Sleep Defficiencies.
[press image below to visit National Sleep Foundation's Site] Description:
+ Local Backup

I mean; If He were to have all kinds of other facts in tandem; I suppose anyone could Vouch for his opinion; But albeit, He'd used 98% of facts that were not facts. Facts like Me having a "collection of pirate swords, and other swords of some kind. Well sharpened" - He'd used that Idea as a way to say that I had a fascination with weapons.

When, In fact I'd bought a cheap replica short Japanese Kitana when in a novelty shop. I lived in an area that was notorius
as being a crack neighbourhood     ( PDF Version). There's a fair bit of crime in the area, And though I'd never intended to get a short sword / long knife; I reminesced of movies like Highlander and bought One;
It was cheap, But at the time Why I had been there was to find a nightstick.

A 300 pound Man who's fighting for His life against a robber can end up doing a murder beef by accident. I thought until I got a good lock, a cheap nightstick would do the trick, in a flower pot beside My bed.
So I picked up the Nightstick at this shop; realizing that it would be a non lethal alternative to using something potentially fatal (like fists - I weigh about 300). But of course Dr. Gojer spun a tale with it.


    here's an image of the document with
My Mother's signature testifying that I did
not have a "weapons" collection
(Or PDF link below it):
   PDF Version

    I wanted to get a camera for the front door which was visible and not trained on the road; As well as in the backyard a few to deter theft. I had tested to see how hard it would be to get the secoond floor when We bought the house to rent to tenants.

It was not all that hard; So I addressed it with some cheaper avenues (cheaper at least than A 24 Hour alarm and reporting service [which would be ideal]). I figured in the future; When I could afford it, ADT or a similiar service along with good door locks would be ideal. As well; Windows with painted white 'steel' lattice frames so that even if broken they do not allow entry; And yet look aesthetically "pleasing".

    But of course it's one step at a time.

    Dr. Gojer tried to use some "reference" that must Have been re-iterated by Someone who had tried to suggest that I had ADHD.
You know how people come up with their own theories. Well, anyways - In court, Dr. Gojer Had tried to suggest that My being diagnosed with ADD / ADHD was an early sign of schizophrenia. And that they were related. And how messed up is that.

In latin; Schizo-Phrenia means Shattered Mind
    So, One could potentially venture to say that By being less observant and With a depressed sense of surrounding and impact upon it there is arguably less organization; But it's still a stretch Doctor Gojer. If I was'nt in this system - I suppose that would be an amusing thing =/.

I remember thinking My former lawyer (Peter Mudry) had a bit of a shattered mind, but He was a bit handy. It's funny, You know - Now having references, Some of the best Music online and Tutorials, Working theories; I'm a person again, and Someone whom most anyone could potentially Respect. I suppose I'll have to find maybe ten more real-world references and bolster My "Bio" section a bit so that the "Real Me" is something people can see in the "real world".

A shame that once would-be friends like "Sean Hamilton" talked so Much smack about Me. What a Two Faced Bleeding Hart that One is. Man, Oh well. He's always sad and depressed anyways; He'll just probably wind up in a mental institution for trying to kill himself again, *sigh -_-.

Here's the Image with My Mom saying that that was not the case, And I was never diagnosed with ADHD / ADD:
(Or PDF link below it):
   PDF Version

So in My next installment regarding the professional follies of Dr. Gojer; I will point out that He felt that My tenants using My apartment as a "grow op" for Marijuana was not something that I should be "worried about". That I had "delusions" about My tenants in believing that they were a nuisance and a worry.

"I mean No, really; This 'fruitcake' suggests that even though I could do like four years in prison for all the weed Jonathan Graham was growing in My downstairs apartment - That I'm the bad guy.

Julian Abel Constantine Gojer I mean I was the single one. Jonathan downstairs lived with Rebecca Craig. Who gets blamed for the weed?

The Single Guy.
And this time - lol, I'll even post up a PDF and screenshots of the Noise machine hating Dr. Gojer's assessments. Where He points out word for word that Jonathan Graham and Rebecca craig could not figure out Why I ripped up their Marijuana plants.     Why can't these mindjobs just Move to Alberta or Colorado where it's legal.

They were telling Police interviewers all about the weed they were growing and How
mean I was.

Lest We forget, this was almost Ten years ago; And they still bust People who grow Marijuana to this day. I'm just glad that Kids don't mind frightening tenants off for some cash when they decide to grow pounds and pounds of 'dro Ya Know?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017: 8:52 PM

Marpac Gets Even Steven With Dr. Gojer Dr. Julian Abel Constantine Gojer,

He's The Doctor who said I was Paranoid of My neighbours or "someone" listening in.

And he claimed That I was Delusional and Schizophrenic:
    Because of White Noise / Sound Dampening devices (Marpac Soundscreens) being in My home;

That By Having them in My rooms (He claimed) I was in fact avoiding people "overhearing". That By Using the Marpac "Devices" in My Home to Make it a bit quieter He Claimed I was a "Schizophrenic". Making all customers of Marpac in Julian Gojer's Opinion: "suspect" of Delusional Disorder or Schizophrenia.

    I had loud neighbours. I lived in a semi-detached home. And the walls that Seperated the two Appartments were very thin. Only 2" by 4" Wall Studs which had no insulation. That Meant overhearing My neighbours arguing with their daughter was very easy to do (See Image below [Click For Fullsize]).

But By My Sending Marpac a Message regarding this;     We'll see if Dr. Julian Abel Constantine Gojer Gets Sued or Not - Or at the very least; Given a "reality check".

    Because By All Rights, By him suggesting that in his Professional Psychiatric opinion: These "Products" Known as the 'Sleepmate' and 'Soundscreen' are Antispy Devices He's "Defaming" them. Marpac has Offices Both in Canada and the United States. And therefore it's Their Problem too.

"Will other Marpac Owners be called Schizophrenic just by having a SoundScreen in their appartment; Or does Marpac need to make an example of Dr. Julian Gojer?"

"Even By Hearing this story, about Marpac's Product Causing a 'Schizophrenia' and 'Delusional' Diagnosis will bring Marpac's Sales Down.
    And I intend to contact the Media regarding it, It Will get noticed.

"I once Swore By Marpac's Products,

    But Now; How could I?
Not unless Marpac is willing to Stand Behind their products; And disprove these claims of Dr. Julian Gojer's.

    This is a serious risk that a potential Customer needs to Consider.

When in fact they are actually designed to make a room quieter and more enjoyable. Also a way to enjoy a restive, therapeutic sleep.
But Let's get the facts out of the way surrounding these devices One fact at a time:

How Many Marpac Soundscreens Do I own?
What I Paid
Where I Put Them
What They Do

1. How Many Marpac Soundscreens Do I own? I own 6 (six) Marpac Products in all:

5  "Soundscreens"
1  "Sleepmate"

They'd explained on the site that Both models were the same - But the name was different. I thought it made sense to have the One named "Sleepmate" in My Bedroom.

2. What I Paid Here's the receipt for them (PDF Form Above, Or alternatively, Press The Image Below For A full Screen Image):
Marpac Receipt.pdf

3. Where I Put Them I had a "Soundscreen" in Every Room (Except the closet). That Means I had Two in My office, One In My Kitchen, Another in My bathroom, And one last one in My Attic Den (Finished).
I had One (1) "SleepMate" In My Room - Right Beside My Bed.

Here is a PDF Showing Those locations; alternatively, You could just press The image (Below PDF link) for a full screen image instead (has page feature [right, left arrow]):
22 - Alice Street B Floor 2 and 3.pdf


4. What They Do I never would have believed there would Be so Much appreciation and Respect for such a product.
Did You know that The Marpac Device is Endorsed and recognized By The National Sleep Foundation?

Here's an image From Marpac's Site [Click For Larger]:

So, I mean it's obviously a great Product. And here's a few things they wrote about it:

Developed over 50 years ago, Dohm is the original, most popular, all natural, white noise sound machine you've probably heard about. Its circular shape is easy to recognize, and its uniquely adjustable fan sound is what makes it the best; in fact, Dohm was chosen to be the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation. Turn it on, and tune out the rest of the world with soothing, all natural white noise.

Whether for sleep, privacy, concentration, relaxation, or tinnitus relief, Marpac has your sound-masking needs covered. We are the highly recommended sleep & privacy solution for restless babies, snoring partners, loud roommates, noisy offices, anxious pets, and more.

At Marpac, our ultimate promise to you is that we do our best to make serious, high quality, sound machines. With our sound machines, you'll love how you sleep; you'll love how you feel; and you'll love how you live!

So, Ultimately this Product Stops You from hearing Others and Not others From Hearing You. And I think that is the Most fundamental and decisive flaw in Dr. Gojer's Reasoning. I fail to see the argument of Dr. Gojer Making any sense.

"I used this product To Stop MYSELF from hearing My Neighbours Next door NOT to Stop My Neighbours From hearing Me"

Does it create some magical wall around people? A Barrier preventing others from hearing any sound at all from You?. It's Merely sound that the person Who is in the same room can "hear". Not a device that can impede the momentum and physics of a travelling sound's wave - THATS IMPOSSIBLE SCIENCE FICTION.

How could Anyone be so inept? I've spent 10 years in the system because a Dr. Gojer does not understand the basic principles of Sound; And the physics that rule it..... Who's going to give Me My life Back? I know I did a bad thing but I would have only served 3 years or so in jail (Or Less).

In technical terms, In No Way is the SoundScreen, SleepMate (Now Called DOHM) a "Sonic Interdictor" (A device that stops sound). And when it comes to sound, Dr. Gojer, I am "Your" Peer. Learn a little about sound at My educational Audio Engineering website:

But I mentioned the product Now being Called the "Dohm"; Back in 2006; the site looked a "lot" different. And here is a .pdf with more information about the sleepmate (very like it's new version "DOHM")
[or Alternatively, Click image below for a fullscreen image slideshow]:
10 - [undated] Marpac Soundscreen & Sleepmate.pdf


[Here is some Archives (courtesy of of Marpac's Older Models] web/20080610191147/ 20080611154005/ sound_cond.asp 20080509142847/ soundscreen.asp

But Obviously, I'm going to take Dr. Gojer to court Personally and try to get Monetary compensation for Suffering and grief. He's a few bricks Shy of a wall, and not as "high" as He should be.

It's realities like this; And their happenings Going un-challenged That make Me realize that Canada is not neccesarily the Land of the Free, And due to that reality; I'll take all My skill; And what I have made from lawsuits and Bring My Expertise and Humility to the United States of America where people appreciate good clean entertainment.

Acts like Miley Cyrus for instance, She can be a little edgy; What with sledgehammers and what have You; but it's all part of the performance. It'd be nice to work with Her and Write for Her. I've noticed the way She handles Herself in Reality Singing shows. She's Graceful and informed. I like the fact that She can portray a sexy Role and yet seems also So Stable and grounded.

Writing for Her with those qualities in Mind might Be a better match to her voice and talent level.     "Bangerz" for instance had a few great songs; but the rest of it was terrible. I would'nt have even sung it; If I was her But She did. Still, with those Good songs in mind like "Drive" a good album.

Monday, January 16, 2017: 8:56 AM

Do I Understand Drugs (+ & -) So, anyways.
There's a Dr. Danyluk

    And this Dr. Who pretends to be Professional only ever spoke to Me when She was supposed to.
    Appointed to (During Clinical Meetings). But I suppose even less than She is Supposed to.

Because the only times I ever talked to Her personally was on One instance:

Where She was asking Me How I was doing (With a Mr. Chad Draper present). I guess She developed some idea that in a general Sense, I did'nt understand drugs.
But This Dr. Danyluk has a serious Problem following Protocol.

I guess Dr. Danyluk was a protege of a Dr. Adams in North Bay (Or so I was told); And She only has 4+ years experience.     Anyways, We were talking in a vague way. She did not mention any specific drug; Or to be honest anything directly related To drugs other than What drugs I had taken previously. She also asked if I felt whether or not drugs were helping My neighbours.

I mentioned that maybe in the extreme cases they'd Help; (Drugs "helping" Patients of hers), "If" they were a danger to themselves. She seemed to take what I said in a "narrow" light, (Like that She's bipolar or High on a stimulant) maybe (In a mild state of depression and resulting agitation). She seems to have an edge like A Stimulant addict.

I mentioned to Her that some people taking them (drugs) seem to be slurring, slow etc. I said marijuana seems to be a new concept.     That I never liked the stuff; But maybe it was an alternative. I'm No Doctor.
She explained to Me that all kinds of drugs have side effects; Even the flexiril I used to take as a child for Muscle Spasms.
     I said that's neither here nor there; But by Knowing I would probably look for a different product If I had "Muscle Spasms" again.

She kept trying to stress to Me how little I knew about drugs; She said so verbally. Stating that I did'nt realize that "every" drug; "Most" drugs have a given side effect.
That I would not believe that even the most common of drugs had side effects; And many negative ones.

But I don't think she realizes that I've been using a service called "Nurses". And I had asked for a printoff of side effects of Zyprexa and Risperdol from the internet (Two of the most popularily Perscribed drugs). The nurse Who gave Me this information was named Ian Driver.

It was this same printoff that Dr. Danyluk scoffed at;

Suggesting how wrong and inappropriate it was for Me to be in possession of such a document. But here is the link to the Url with which the document was printed: topics/overview/zyprexa

So, as Ian driver can attest; I am informed and constantly inquisitive in regards to the Process (in regards to the more popular drugs) and the possible dangers. I ask regularily for Information; And I like to be informed.

But She failed to specify any drug. Either By name, or by leading to one in conversation.

"And frankly, She seemed insulted when I mentioned Risperdol causing weight gain;
And that I'd heard that Olanzapine / Zyprexa causes Diabetes, Hyperglycemia.

" I read In the documentation that the nurse Ian Driver gave Me, You see; That the American FDA (food and drug administration) Ordered the company Elli and Lilly (who Makes "Zyprexa", "Olanzapene") to list Diabetes and Hyperglycemic related disorders (As well as weight gain) as a possible side effect of Zyprexa and Olanzapene. So I relayed this.

But a very serious issue for Me, with all of this information taken into account; Is weight gain. I'm a muscly, Athletic 260 pounds. But I was at 300 before. Imagine with more weight gain How heavy I would be.

If the drugs commonly used were to throw off My Thyroid (As is a common side effect); Then I'd Have to worry about Heart Attacks. Imagine if I were 350 pounds trying to run alongside of others in Gym. I don't want to Die of heart attack. I want to Live.

Here's a funny cartoon I made in regards to all that weight gain.
Keeping in mind that I'd push Myself even if I was 360 pounds:

Later, At the Consent and Capacity board (which I had adjourned); The Doctor (Danyluk) suggested that laywer's site ( did not know what it was talking about.

So anyways, without formally assessing Me, or Asking Me if I wanted to take a "certain drug"; or In listing any side effects of any drug - She took Me to a Consent and Capacity Board.
She started this Capacity board under the guise that I had Schizophrenia (Or delusional disorder). My new Dr., A Dr. John Bradford says I don't have schizophrenia - But guesses that I May have had or do have some disorder; Which Might be a Delusional Disorder (In his estimate).

But that's given the facts (And previous Assessments). And many facts He has overlooked. He's not sought out transcripts of "phone interviews" for instance, which would be Of paramount Influence to My case (More on that later).

But ultimately, A Doctor needs to satisfy the Following Criteria to prompt a "Consent and Capacity" Board Hearing:

  The person has to suggest He/She Cannot Consent to taking a certain Treatment.
  The individual has to show signs of not understanding The negative and positive rammifications of taking the said treatment.
  The individual is unable to look out for their own interests.

And here's the point I'm making:

  There is no treatment specified by the doctor that I know of or is on paper.
  How can I understand what the positive or negative impacts of taking a drug will be when there is no treatment specified?
  If there were a treatment or drug specified then I could weigh the Pros and the Cons of taking it. Even if I did not want to, I could still list the reasons for and against. But every drug is different. And so is every side effect.

I have already brought this matter up with The College Of Physicians and Surgeons And await their Judgement being that their investigation is ongoing.     But This Woman, Dr. Danyluk never assessed Me; NEVER asked Me how I felt about taking a drug. Especially a drug in particuliar.

Obviously I have to follow up with litigation. Both against the Doctor; And against the Hospital.

The reason that this process has been maintained so Sacrosanctly is to avoid confusion in the process. Because due to Confusion there is lawlessness. And furthermore I suppose I should Mention that My lawyer who was representing Me did A terrible job. A terrible Job being that I asked Him to press for a non-suit. And I'll have to follow up with the College of Lawyers in that regard as well.
He could have succinctly pointed out there were No legal grounds to continue the forum (IE: Consent and Capacity Board). And instead He did nothing. And the Man came to My board wearing a stained shirt; It really was embarassing.
I'll never understand How You get a stain on Your collar; But that's another matter. Maybe If You eat with Your.. hands?

Furthermore, The Woman Overseeing the Board would not grant Me a Non-Suit (Mrs. june Bell). I made sure that the transcript Had Her on Record as saying that She did not Believe there were Grounds for a non suit (She was verbal in admitting that She did not want to Say that Aloud in the Transcript as well). Getting money for damages and being the victim of malpractise when this is all over is not going to be a hard matter at all. In My Mind, She's Unable to do the Job before Her. Lest We forget that I am an accredited businessman, with Both reference and Training; Making equal Her salary. I would hardly call Her My peer As I seem to understand Her job's Role better than She.

Sunday, January 15, 2017: 6:15 PM

The Realization Of the Internet At St. Thomas " What Are You Going To Be When You Grow Up? "

    That's what Joe Goudsward asked Me While I was being Mentally assessed in St. Thomas's Regional Mental Health Facility. I guess He was a Social Worker / Occupational Therapist sort of Job. But nonetheless, I realized at the time that Here was a guy Who potentially would make less than Me in a year. So much of My money went into investing in products though - That admittedly, My assets became static.

Who is to say though, that I could'nt turn a profit on what I already own;
But there is an awful lot of work that goes into the programming and design trade. Especially taking into consideration Phones and Tablets/Pads.

    The Programming Game is much more complicated then it once was - And every javascript You attempt to Use compounds the issue (Due to mobiles).

But this, I mean is a serious problem; Because this fellow did not take anything I said at face value; And He put on My mental assessment that My business had not done well. It was due to some people I knew; And frankly; Their opinion was Hostile, They rarely ever spoke well of Me; Regardless of how well I spoke of them.

"I can possibly through litigation claim a few Million Dollars from 'Defammation of Character' passing as reality to the Forensic Staff at St. Thomas's RMHC.

Notice My new Bio section? (

Using the Internet I was able to both prove the existence of My old business, It's popularity, It's success rate; Relatively How Much I made and How long I'd been at it.

Because only recently I heard from a patient Who had come from St. Thomas that they removed computers and discontinued the computer programmes. All I have to say is that computers and access to the internet would have shielded them from being potentially sued for defammation of character.

Here is this Joe Goudsward Guy trying to suggest I'm a lowlife who had no job and did nothing. And everyone bought it.
And You know what - I'm sure the next Psychiatrist bought it too. Infact, I think that was the very reason That they said I was grandiose. They were trying to say I was paranoid because I had noise dampeners which are very popular on the market which I saw on the news called The "Sleepmate" By Marpac.

Here's the silliest cartoon You've ever read demonstrating a realization: And the realization is that this small device does not prevent Other People from hearing You or You hearing them, It just makes the room a little quieter.

"You're delusional, Dr. Gojer....
And yet.. He could'nt hear Me, Because there was a Marpac Soundscreen not seven feet away from Me. About How far away I was from My neighbours in My semi-detached home (An un-insulated 2X4 Wall seperating Us).

In his mental lapse, It was Dr. Julian Abel Constantine Gojer From Canada who attacked the credibility of this product. I'll be sure to drop his name to Marpac. And We'll see how Marpac likes their products being spoken of in such a pessimistic fashion. Why maybe all of Marpac's customers are secretly Agents trying to thwart an unseen Nemesis.

And the people who were on the news were in on it. I don't like being called A stupid man, and neither do I like someone suggesting that My loud neighbours always Yelling at their daughter Was not reason enough for Me to buy the things. We'll see just see how sound Your "theory" of these devices foiling eavesdroppers might be to a Judge, or to the College of Physicians. Who knows.. Maybe they really are produced and made in England, Quality inspected by "M" for only the elite of those in the know.

And they look so retro... So unsuspecting.
Here's the image:

And here is the device with which You can foil them.. The "Others", according to 'Dr. Julian Abel Constantine Gojer':

And here's what Marpac has to say about their product:
#10 - [undated] Marpac Soundscreen & Sleepmate.pdf

The Receipt:
Marpac Receipt.pdf

And here's a picture of 95 Alice Street (Where I used to live). Man, nice appartment, but why the 2 by 4 stud wall seperating the two semi-detached homes upstairs and down. Loud people, Lord Allmighty. How much yelling can people do?

I got so tired of hearing them yell that one night I blasted Tunes. And the Guy had the nerve to come to My door and complain lol.
Stop yelling at Your Daughter lol.
Why Do they always Do This?!

And then these Jackasses (Free Country) Tried to say that I had too many locks on My Door. I lived in a crack neighbourhood. They sold crack down the way. Here's a local paper's article about it:
11 - [undated] The New Face Of The Ward.pdf

And Once again those People who like to talk smack about Me suggested I had My phone turned off on paper (Though St. Thomas Ultimately said I seemed OK). Here's My Bell Bill For November, a Month after the incident which led to My arrest (The ones who said I'd disconnected it - Disconnected it ;p):
3 - November 2008.pdf

And the Phone book:
Printable Phone Book Copy.pdf

I'll fill this blog with all these funny references. It's like dunces pretend to be smart together. But I realized ultimately I'd win many lawsuits, Who cared really. But then the Years dragged on... and on. 7 of them.

Because without the internet, I could not prove a thing.

And neither can other patients I guess who come to St. Thomas. How are people supposed to be assessed without being able to prove their assets and identity on the internet? And does'nt every Person who got called grandiose by some overweight Social Worker have the right to sue?

My advice to any facility is to keep computers in Your facilities, and Promote the internet; Because You might be wrong.
And so Very wrong that You get Your fellow staff members in trouble. Furthermore; People Live in such facilities; And that's the same thing as preventing someone from working.

Word to the wise: There are various Laws defending people Who want to work. It does not matter whether they are in a mental facility, or in a prison. That person's rights must be respected.     People have the right to work and to use a computer especially in their room. Because more often than not, most educational materials are digital in this day and age. And even Colleges are getting far more popular online.

How are You supposed to Mentally Assess an individual without seeing the real them. If You lock someone up, keep them in a confined area You will see them at their worst.

And if they have no avenues to further their horizons - Then Who are they? And how do You decide what they can and cannot do.

What if infact they are very wealthy and their Earnings are all Online? Who is responsible for loss?

In My facility, for months on end, the Educational Center was closed down. The Crafts area closed down The Music Area closed down - The Library (If You could call it that) closed down.

Sadly, the place I'm at does not even have a real library. If You want to hire a lawyer You get a list. But not Google to search for lawyers, or laws. Because Ontario's "Canlii" Site is useless. How am I supposed to learn about computer programming or Arts without a library? There is a computer in Our social area; But all arts sites are blocked.

Let's get this straight - I'm not a gangster Rapper - I do Thug Rap.
    Thugs Drink, Find women, and Party. I don't like worrying about Crime, Much less like hearing about People making money from selling Drugs to Teenagers.

I did not have a Criminal Record Until Being arrested, For The Record.

The East Side is a good place to party West too, And Crips and Bloods throughout History have been castual Prefects trained to extort people. If You know Your history. Crips and Bloods is as old as ancient Rome.

Crips and Bloods: They are merely references to how You Frighten People and extort them; Like for instance; If Rome defeated a neighbouring country, They would send their Citizens to "Cow" those peoples. And to Train those peoples to get their own people in line utilizing sometimes savage and brutal techniques to condition the minds of those defeated. War was not a pretty thing, Neither was it to "Conquer". Crips and Bloods refers to those peoples "Subjugated". War had to be fought not only by Soldiers, but By People who prevented Uprisings.

Bloods often Used Opiates and old fashioned bleeding to weaken the mind they were usually the "kinder", Crips used gaoling and Jailing and forced servitude. Often referred to as "Gaolers".

But it is'nt Rome anymore. and Rome is'nt "Rome" anymore.. Strange how such ethics of people working together in such a way would still exist, even though it's meaning is not always the same as it once was. But I suppose, Back in the day; There would have been a "Rank" socially amongst such peoples. And I suppose a reason for such rank is often excuse enough. When I was a kid - I used to talk to seniors alot; They'll explain anything if You let them.

And while other kids played I spent all day reading books in the library. Sometimes two a day. I guess that makes Me smart lol.

Official Store


Where I'm At.    

 Unfortunately for Me, I am stuck in an institution; so there is really no way to get ahold of me unless maybe if I had your phone number or something like that. There is a contact section  ( however,                 should that interest you. I relish the idea of fanmail. And I'd be sure to respond because it would be great to hear Your opinion.              At any rate - I try to make every genre, I am Canadian; By descent I am Irish (Possibly Black Irish, Or British - Need To Do DNA) and Greek as I understand it. I am not to sure about the Greek part; However I was born both Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox.

My relatives seem to have Greek features and hair - So perhaps it's likely. Good news for me; I love the food.               And of course, as I have mentioned in various mediums; I'm a brown eyed man.           Being stuck in the system has not been easy for Me, it's a crazy ride; But I am making the best of it and making music when I can. I'm getting pretty good So I have been branching out.

    Where I'm Going.    

  Due to the fact that the system in Canada has not dealt with Me "By the Book", I'll probably move to the United States when I get out and Continue My Career.

Basically, once You're stuck in the Canadian system; It's very easy to get tied up in its constraints; And frankly; I did not have a criminal record before I got stuck In the System.
At least (For the Most part) I'm a good example of Canadian Stock; But the way the legal system up here works is a bit arcane. While I'll always be proudly descended from Canada, first and foremost I'm North American; And it us against Chaos that has held so much of the world down from its potential.

And it is that chaos that thrives in certain areas elsewhere in the World; That is sold in a pretty package;
Making it seem so acceptable And neccessary.

I realize wholeheartedly that North America is the closest thing to a land that walks closely in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, a Saviour; To Some (And Me), as well as being a place of radical idealism.

Back To Top

What I Believe In    

  I was not so surprised that Donald Trump won, and I had expected Him to. I had reservations about Him becoming the President slightly; Mostly due to what He had said about Muslims (I used to a member of the Muslim Faith);
But then, I suppose if He says these things; And He does not get into trouble, Then let's face it - It's what people want to hear. And in some respects; I see some prudence in his ideas. I worry for his sake; And his campaign's sake though, that his comments (If they ever start some religious war) could prompt him to be defending against the Government of The United States, and its Judicial system.

Such an incident would be unprecedented without a doubt; But Never before have such serious and blatant sentiments been relayed about a neighbouring group and religion that for the better part provides and tends much of American Gold and Securities.
Fort Knox is partly owned By Saudi Arabia, and it is indeed a serious realization. I suppose though, that in relaying this sentiment; I better support My Peer, The President of The United States of America with a Sober and Honest opinion. Were Hillary's supporters lying when They said She would Win?

But there are elements of being Muslim which have never sat well with Me. is, for instance, the rationalisation of "Slavery". It's mentioned in the "Quran" that having Slaves is acceptable; And to be honest, in this day and age - that's Not Allowed. And Furthermore, there are many modern sentiments like Equal Rights for Women that do Not seem to be followed. They are listed numerous times within the Quran like as in the coined terms "In Iddat"; Yet these practises are rare. In fact; I've never seen so Much hippocracy.

Take, for instance the real history surrounding the Times of Jesus Christ in Rome. It was in these times that routinely: Child Sex Slaves, Working Slaves, Unics, Bards, Caste Teachers (sometimes known as Prefects) - Were being Rented or Sold - Directly from Jewish Synagogues. They were Mean times all over. For Roman, Persian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, African, Greek (especially Greek "My Ancestry").. All of these areas practised the same socially (Give or Take). If You did not join them at the Coliseum, Maybe You'd become a Gladiator?
Furthermore, in that time even Paid murderers could be aquired for the right price in such locations - There were very few Police Officers - And the Soldiers could be overbearing and expensive (If You were being Bullied).       It was Jesus Christ Who said the Money Lending and Selling was Wrong. But do You think He meant it was Wrong to God? Or do You think He meant that they should be "Doing it further down the street?"; Where the Gentle Boys who caught the middle class's attention Could'nt see.

And do You think back then they Just did "Loans"? Do You think that You would'nt have to put a Daughter on Auction to get to such riches? It is in the understanding of History, Real History - In that We see that Jesus Christ HAS Won, and IS winning. Rome Embraced Him and His Light destroyed the darkness, slowly but surely. For a North American to appreciate this is Trying sometimes - But This "Freedom" That We often waste and overlook is "expensive" elsewhere in the world.

They were dark times in Rome and Jerusuleum. One has to appreciate that if He or She is to truly accept the teachings of the Son of God, Our Saviour Jesus Christ.
And while all faiths might Not all feel so (about His origins);       He is still appreciated and His intentions and Affect seen benignly. I feel that He also had a profound effect on the Jewish - As they, in modern Days have Too changed much of their Social Structure - As have Catholics for that matter. And You could say that either Or at one point in time had their hands in the same Coffers. Whether it was He directly or his Churches You must admit that it was due to his 'Affect'.

  There are also sentiments regarding Music (In the Muslim "Holy Qu'Ran"); And the making of it, often regarding nay-saying being labelled as "doomsaying". Often for instance; Pointing out problems of the day to be "Trouble-making". Which means a good deal of My rap might be taken in a negative light.                       And that also means that a good deal of rap would be seen as being very bad. Especially when it comes down to the ideals surrounding Women and Partying. Drinking and Drugs are seen as being very wrong in the Muslim world. But also, surprisingly; even musicals are suspect. Musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar; Might be seen as idol worshipping or defammation or to "libel".

As I understand it, the art of Vocalism is often wholly for the art of gospel in the Muslim world. But then, I suppose I never sing or Rap about inherently "evil" or "wrong" things. Many forms of Musicals are not always accepted. It's certainly a different way of doing things than what is practised in North America. And You might say that it could be seen as "Incompatible.                         Even the Roman Catholics (Who in history; Have been criticized) Have moved on and changed, when Many years ago they used to Make Bastards, and do all kinds of nasty things which would be seen as both Immoral and Wrong in this day and age. It is this realization which makes believe that the Muslim faith can modernize much faster than it is; And there really are No Excuses for the way things have gotten socialogically.

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  I guess I never expected Hillary to win; I'd made a song about it called "Amiss" I mentioned in the KVR Audio Forum Description that good things come to those who wait; Because frankly, I did not think She was going to win it.
And to be frank; Many North Americans knew She'd had close ties to Media. Did it not seem ingenuine how Her campaign was bolstered so prejudiciously?

Frankly, I would have felt more comfortable with Her being a prospective President if She had broken ties with Media and holdings to that regard because of the fact that it seems very similiar to fascism.             Was I the only one who thought it was strange that there were so many good things to say about her - When frankly, She seemed so One dimensional? And It seemed to Me that whoever had been giving Her advice to "Hold Back" when it came to Vocalizing Personal Goals Set of a more Personal and Idealogical Nature had been a person who was Serving against her interests

Because I see this lacking as the most serious flaw in her strategum. And I would put just as much blame on media for not being impartial. Because if they had have been providing the straight goods: She might have had a fighting chance.
That's what some refer to as "Bamboozling". It was wrong of her staff and supposed supporters to keep her in the dark and not provide her with Honest feedback. Some might call that dishonest and leading. I was warm to the idea of a female President, but frankly - Her control and demeanour is far too rigid seeming.

  I think the way that Hillary carried Herself seemed ingenuine after She had made it clear that Mr. Bill Clinton would not be working with Her; Since then; She seemed too "stuffy" and her Aer of authority did not ring well. I admit though, what had transpired Publically between her and her Husband in the light of a Dutiful Marriage seemed to lack some credibility, but then - Government in The United States is a lot like the Show Biz. It's not always Pretty.                    And honestly, I think that was partly due to the fact that media was so heavyhanded in their praise of her. She did not seemingly deserve the kind of applause and support She was being given; Because though neither Candidate was making many promises, Her "feelings" about things were not carried effectively enough due to an over-riding "neutrality".

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    And I suppose; In that demeanour; She seems domineering; And let's face it; We've all seen enough Domineers to last a lifetime. I think her fatal flaw was that She seemed too formal, and she did not seem hampered By Sentiment; When Donald did. He brought His entire team on the stage with Him to give them a hand; And I think He seemed like someone who gave a damn since then.

I know if I was American - I'd be happy with Him as My President. And I know if a Guy like Him is reading this; He cares about an honest and Positive Opinion.     Where were Hillary's staff?     Not up on stage with Her in dignity and majestically but instead only Additions to the Shadows behind the Curtains of Her Stage, And below the presence and heights of Her Podium.

I think it was engrained in everyone's mind that Her "staff" massed in great numbers; But in the realisation that they were just that (In the scheme of things) was frightening; In the mind's eye -- "Numbers".. That We all understood where things stood. And what We would Be in the wake of such an awakened machine of neutrality and power. And that We would also be numbers; Not deserving of a face, and not sure of Our surroundings enough to have both a sometimes conflicting Personality - and opinion. What the United States of America needs most right now is a Strong Leader who has the Skillset of a Businessman; Because it is not hard to see that the Financial woes of the United Kingdom will become the woes of Both Canada and the United States. And to put it bluntly, Canada Cannot afford the Bill.
Brexit was, (in My mind) a sign that the United States of America and Britain are going to be working more closely financially.

A successful Empire now a Democracy, a trained and learned force of Ingenuity and Practicality. The winners and utimately, losers of the World. Would We rather pay the same money to those Countries Who still seek domination like the Britains once had sought? Their thirst for power has been quenched and their Democracy is a sound and Tested machine.

"I've been appalled by the way that Media has Portrayed The President , Mr. Donald Trump . I Found most times He has an opinion of merit, but maybe an inconvenient one.

    I Respect, Admire and Support Mr. Donald Trump.

    Le Attol, AKA Robert Ellis Langford, YOB: 1979

These are good signs for first world countries like ours - And bad portents for those of the lesser European economies.
But undoubtedly, We are being lulled into a sense of abandon By not having the means and facilities; The faculties to create and maintain Our own product. There are always buffer zones required; But perhaps it might be said that a mature and established Empire like that of the United Kingdom is the better choice for a fallback source of raw material and goods than that of Europe.
The Free Trade Agreement was supposed to be discontined Years ago. Both Canada and the United States took Levies and Tarrifs away so that their neighbour "Mexico" could catch up. I think We've been holding Mexico's hand long enough.     Mexico should be able to compete against Canada and the United States with Tariffs and Resell Restrictions intact. like it was in the old days.

And how is it that a rich Country Like Japan is not paying more in resale penalties (while we Lose export wars everyday). We are losing Jobs in Canada. Every fraction of a cent lost means thousands of jobs gone.
We need a far more responsible and Mature approach then the one that is being implemented currently. And a Responsible Party In Canada should be relying more heavily on Mathemeticians (Like My father, William Langford - A famous Mathematician) rather than bold theorists. As if My losing My factory job had anything to do with us "winning the war".

The President sure does keep his dogs on the right scents. It was He who was there during Brexit while other politicians just Gaffawed at the idea. It would seem that those "other" politicians do not know a damned thing about the Real World. There is still child slavery going on in (now) Unified Europe. Sad but true that the Euro Dollar is partially Blood Money. There's good areas in Europe and Bad ones. Seems like murky waters.
Asia has surpassed much of Europe in the way of import of human rights and violations of them.
Back To Top

Where I've been.    

Being in the Judicial system in most of its forms has not been easy; I cannot deny that. Yet I; at the end have an educational site and am working on developing a musical career which I can continue to bolster when I am released into the public. That is something; And Something is not nothing.

Furthermore, I have an educational Audio Engineering site at:

If You like the idea of making Your own music; It will probably be right up Your alley.

         When I was Young I lived in Hamilton, Ontario. My father was from Canada and the States and He was working steel. My mother was working locally as a bartender.
One evening We were parked on a hill and my dad shifted out of park, braked, and reversed - Readying to accelerate up the hill. He switched gear from reverse to drive and while the car drifted back a few inches a car hit us all dead on.

A drunk driver as I understand it - Moving roughly 85-90kh Coming over a hill in a heavier sedan. My sister was killed instantly and My other sister Allison survived. I had been thrown out of the vehicle for what seemed half a block and sustained injuries to my skull and My shoulders; My forearm was broken due to the fact that I'd tried to stop My flying out of the car (Unsuccessfully).

It did not take too long for me to heal but the family was no better for it. My mother to My understanding is Greek in descent and (something else?) to My understanding. My father Irish (Could Be black Irish or olden Irish, [many immigrants came to Ireland - Especially the Polish] - Sometimes called a Blackie.) and could be something else too. Not too sure about everything in that regard;

But nonetheless I'm moved On and I have a life ahead of Me.

in 2005 I founded a company called SDDepot That I had started that same year.
     [click the SDDepot Logo Image (below) To see a Screenshot of SDDepot in 2005]

    And the URL now sends You to this site. SDDepot used to make products for a CMS called Subdreamer.
Subdreamer was founded and Managed By (originally) Ziad Hilal (AKA "Subduck") alongside Alice Hilal.

Since I have been Incarcerated as I understand it, the Company has been sold to new management at least 3 times.

But whilst I was Free, These products I made at SDDepot included Design files which change the look of the site called "Skins "
   and Programs called "
Plugins" to add new functionality.

"I was working with a Woman named "Krystal Hjertet" Who was My Lead designer;
        She came up with the first official SDDepot Logo Design [above left].

I Highly recommend "Krystal Hjertet" If You're looking for a Web Designer in the future.

" We had come up with various designs together. Some which were really stunning and almost "ethereal" to look at.
Krystal is very good at making grain and textures which were Smooth.

Press Image [Right] For Examples

Subdreamer is basically a product (like "wordpress") that Makes a website for You. You press buttons and input text and it arranges everything just so.
The Design (Skin) files were the look and feel of it, and many layout changes could be addressed utilizing them.
My designs were pretty good, I needed a bit of practise; But My newer products were really popping.

    " I knew at that time that I was ready to go Commercial."
[click the SDDepot Logo Image (left) To see a Screenshot of Ongoings at SDDepot in 2005-2006]

in 2006 I found online a fellow programmer (though I worked more with Javascript, Less with AJAX at the time) named Tobias Teschner. Tobias Ran a Company
     named Con-Dev which specialized in a logistics and tabulated data analysis and organisation program entitled SQR Runner.

Tobias (And sometimes Robert P. Skold) and I were able to make many plugins together. Some of these groundbreaking plugins were:

  (Click for Image)
  (Click for Image)
  (Click for Image)
  (Click for Image)
             Turbo DB Admin
  (Click for Image)
               Simple Docs more more more more
  (Click for Image)

* = Clicktracker Purchased From Robert Paul Skold, And Co-Produced with SubdreamerMods

We (Tobias Teschner And I), SDDepot - Had become the Technology Partners with Subdreamer, LLC. In the Year of 2006.       What this meant was that when new technology was available For Subdreamer; And in the conception and instrumentation of those technologies - SDDepot was there to Either facilitate Contract by Contract or to be there as advisors and sometimes Troubleshooters. SDDepot would either make the technology from scratch, or Conceive how existing technologies could be augmented into the Subdreamer Product.

Both Tobias and I had access to the Private Administrator Sections at the forum, And We often would chat with the staff at in either Casual or Business forms. Often on Skype or IM. I distinctly remember Hanging Out with Ed Zielke Online - it was a real pleasure. He's Very Likeable.

SDDepot Web References

   Humble as they are (Years after the fact) - Here are various links and screenshots, and links (hosted locally or online)
Which might be interesting, for curiosity's sake. Kind of like A Museum.

Locally Hosted

Leif Andre (Labrekke)
Explaining that as of 2007, SDDepot was No Longer
Technology Partner of Subdreamer, LLC.

(They Hired Tobias - And Tobias Resigned from SDDepot)
Note: Subdreamer Changed their forum path to "Community/"
instead of "Forum/". But being that is a publically funded service (Once Governmental), An archived page is just as valid in court.
Local Copy
[new window]
[new window]
[new window]

Leif Andre (Labrekke)
Explaining that in March 2007, SDDepot
and Subdreamer Put together version 2.4.1

of Subdreamer Pro.
Note: Subdreamer Changed their forum path to "Community/"
instead of "Forum/". But being that is a publically funded service (Once Governmental), An archived page is just as valid in court.
Local Copy
[new window]
[new window]
[new window]]

Leif Andre (Labrekke)
About His career with Subdreamer
Note: Saving a site as HTML is not always pretty "looking". If You want it to be, use full URL's to all elements.
Local Copy
[new window]
[new window]
[new window]

Ed Zielke (HeavyEddie)
About His career with Subdreamer
(Mentions SDDepot technology Partnership)
Note: Saving a site as HTML is not always pretty "looking". If You want it to be, use full URL's to all elements.
Local Copy
[new window]
[new window]
[new window]

Robert J. Ellis ( Moderator)
I had been a Moderator and an Administrator With Adam B. Cohen for Years. (More about Adam up the Page)
Note: I was'nt able to find an archive of My being an Admin at, But I could follow up by Phone or Something else Should it be considered a reason to "Hire" Me.
Local Copy
[new window]
[new window]
[new window]

Robert J. Ellis ( Moderator #2)
I had been a Moderator and an Administrator With Adam B. Cohen for Years. (More about Adam up the Page)
Note: I was'nt able to find an archive of My being an Admin at, But I could follow up by Phone or Something else Should it be considered a reason to "Hire" Me.
Local Copy
[new window]
[new window]
[new window]

Robert J. Ellis (Development Blog)
I ran a Development and Coding advice Blog at for a few years.
(Bottom of Page)

Note: There's two links. One to this HTML File, and another with which You can see Inside My Old Blog
Local Copy
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[new window]
[new window]

Robert J. Ellis (Free Designs [skins])
I often Contributed To by Providing Designs that Customers could use Free of Charge. It often attracted business.
(Bottom of Page)

Note: The local backup is pretty terrible. We did'nt design the site to be compatible with lol.
Local Copy
[new window]
[new window]

[new window]

Everyone at SDDepot and Subdreamer seemed to get along quite well.
We'd often Talk On Skype, and send emails back and forth. Subdreamer had a great team. Though losing James Spibey was a hit to the team - Gaining Ed Zielke and Tobias was a Plus to Subdreamer overall.

The challenge which Subdreamer faced was that of versions of PHP and Mysql. Their new Dev team was setting their sights on the newer SQL versions. But that of course meant that Subdreamer's old versions and ultimately (old customers) Who did'nt want to change PHP or MYSql versions were out of luck.

To each their own. I prefer a product that works with both, I think it is a matter of philosophies; Because ultimately; Subdreamer became a better product in the end.

I very enjoyed Working with Tobias Teschner. I think He appreciated My clarity of thought and foresight. But perhaps the scope and articulation of My plans was sometimes awe-inspiring; Daunting to even the hardest of workers.

"I'd recommend Tobias Teschner to anyone.
He was the Co-Manager at SDDepot and was always working very hard to produce top notch programming.

    " "     (

    By this Time, SDDepot was in full swing. And Tobias Teschner and I were coming up with some fairly decent applications. He would look at an idea and We would decide back and forth how to address an Idea or Plan. And then using My design and Browser-war hardened knowledge of javascript and css I would come up with some crazy stuff. Like for instance Something I called "SDDcode". (Click Tobias's Picture [left] To see a Close-Up)

SDDCode helped Tobias to make cooler designs for the plugins We would make. While he wrote code to do something. I would research and find the coolest visual effects and come up with ways of making each product dummy-proof (So that it would not break; IF conceivably, The 'User' made a mistake). But naturally, I wanted Us to have the coolest looking plugin GUI's on the internet So I created SDDcode, it's like BBCode in a forum system:

Basically; (For those Who don't know what BBCode is), there's a simplified way of making links and colors for a forum's post. And you use it like this:

[b]Text[/b]  (makes the text appear BOLD)
[i]Text[/i]  (makes the text italic)

So I thought about it, and realized.. Why should Tobias have to worry about making html code and fancy ways of making popups and slider features.
When I had been studying the ins and outs of it for about 4 years?
SDDepot was dependant on Me working on new designs, so SDDCode was the answer.

I realized, Color pickers and fancy layouts could be as easy as a few bits of text on a text file which I could then create a program to process. A program that would automatically add the code corresponding to the simplified [code], Just like a smilie:

:) = Woot! With Smiley

A snazzy code that was about as simple as this:

[sddcode][button option="do this" type="slider" value="this and that"]Button Name[/button][/sddcode]

And I had even built into it a skinning engine. So that people who are hard of seeing had an optional theme and it would be saved in a cookie. This means that You could pick from the coolest (somewhat antique now) Mac styles with blue and gray accents, or You could go with muted colours and beautiful pastels. Or You could choose the best of both worlds. So with only a few code entries it would add all of this stuff automatically. Tripling his efficiency.

By automating these processes it allowed Tobias Teschner to create the coolest stuff that nearly instantly looked better than everyone elses stuff. And I went out of My Way to buy the coolest of software too, like from this site - Who made a crossbrowser color picker. And it is still to this day the Best One on The Market that works for Everything!


Used To be the link to Daantje's MiniColorPicker; But it looks like His site is under Maintenance.
It's understandable, I mean Imagine running a Website company for 16 Years...... OMG lol.

So, at any rate - You can visit to see the Old Government Backup (In all its former glory):
And if You Have'nt already, consider Donating some money to the Now publically funded!. They keep antiques like this gem still in circulation. Because it's the best colorpicker in the world!
BTW, it's legal to use - You could probably just download the Javascript and find the instructions somehow. I'll Maybe hold the torch and ask him if I can host his script. He seems to like Me.

Want to see a live Demo Of SDDepot Code using ColorPicker By Daantje.NL? Press HERE:

       This Demonstration is actually the Oldest of them. It's the Original HTML version of the Concept which went into the guts of the Mass Media Pro's skinning engine.      While this is a rather simple; Antiquated example - It's still ahead of the pack and It still works in every browser.   That was the difference between code found elsewhere and SDDepot's programming. Code that was made to last forever. The code quality of SDDepot is reminescant of Good Old North American Quality and Workmanship. Programming that is well thought out and Conceived.

What's a few hundred dollars when I could have the creator of the script make it legal for commercial use by changing the license type. In coding it's better sometimes to give then recieve because You can rely on code; And if You need the author to make changes; He/She can.

Though We were working on a new groundbreaking product called the Mass Media Pro (A YouTube like website Management system);
Alas, There was a shift in the way that Subdreamer was operating professionally.

" James (Spibey) Had left the employee base of Subdreamer; So Subdreamer was out a programmer.

James and I at first had not seen things eye to eye. I think He may have seen Me as being a bit too formal. Possibly because My interest on the website had been a Commercial one. However, after some time We started to get along OK; and from then on We were cool.

[To the right] Is an animated GIF Forum Avatar that I "jokingly" made. You see at one point He used the image of a "Star Wars" snow speeder as his icon (avatar) at the Subdreamer Forums. So I animated (quickly, poorly) a Tie fighter shooting it down. I think after He saw it He might have liked me better.
[It's a timed animation So You'll have to wait a few seconds before it appears animated" - Psych! :D ]

Ah, the days of Jasc Animation shop and Adobe Image Ready in Photoshop CS2!. Oh joy, those were the days. And still are... I suppose in light of Flash being banned from the internet (for the most part). I suppose that people who are really good at making animated GIF files will be very handy, lol.

But, You see Reader; I had already been working on the practical theory of an entirely New CMS, One that would change everything. I'd taken design technologies to their maximum extents and Knew in My Gut that a better CMS was possible.
Here's An Image of the PHPShark design [below].

PhPShark, It was summation of some of the biggest boldest and best new ideas that Tobias and I had come up with. And it seemed practical that it could be Entirely Ajax. But what I wanted to do is have encoded flatfiles instead of sql driven data. I came up with one the most uncrackable ciphers ever conceived (That I do not believe even a Quantum Processor could beat) which relied on original data. I realized that by using re-encoded files, that there would be no need to hide data or secure it when by default it was already encoded. And the only thing that could decode it is the configuration files in tandem with the PhPShark Product.

"Just imagine, for instance the ability to back up Your site By dragging the files (like in Your computer.). Drag them from one file to another. Press a few buttons and it's back in operation.
SQL is a bloated idea that is slow, and xml is a better option because it allows queries and even assists PHP in the means of file execution and write-time. Arrays can even be made of group files instead relying on only one file. It is so much more practical to be working with data when there is a Physical Backup.

Such a name too. PHPShark - I used to own the .com, Maybe I'll find another cool name and make this idea a reality in say a year. It could start as a free beta or something. Maybe it could be opensource and people could add to the idea, like on Github, Pen, or Sourceforge.

Imagine PHP for instance, where every fancy function was rewritten from scratch, so no matter what every function worked. I try to avoid PHP Class files because of the way that they are cached And what ends up happening is their functions are constantly re-iterated (like having to call a person to dinner 10 times to get it done). And dom storage is too unpredictable. It's too hard to control the storage on a User's end; And YET, trying to re-check and cache simultaneously ultimately comes down to Sphagetti coding.     "Sphagetti" coding is one of the faster approaches but it is unforgiving. It is done by preventing there being any nested components. Like for instance if I was to make the word "BlowDart" start with bold and then end with italics (and Bold), I would do this:

<b>Blow<i>Dart</i></b> And it would look like this: BlowDart

Yet Sphagetti code (sometimes) nests code. But if at all possible, it avoids it. It's like constantly having to remember everything. Would'nt You rather remember less? Code and CPU's are the same way. By preventing Nesting it's much faster (like below).

<b>Blow</b><b><i>Dart</i></b> And it would look like this: BlowDart

It is this simple philosophy which I hoped to utilize. By saving memory in every way I could, Even with the best encryption in the business, My code would be faster.
But, SDDepot Still existed; And So did Subdreamer - And like all great ideas - It's the time required.

In Light of James's absence, They Hired His replacement; Someone named Ed AKA HeavyEddie, Whose work was fairly good; But I think He was new to the product - Because after a few small fixes and releases He became bogged down by service requests and people needing Him to repair everything.
Being a fairly complicated product; Subdreamer needed more staff;
Ultimately, Mine (to SDDepot's great loss).

They Hired My Business Partner Tobias Teschner part-time and they used Me for a few programming contracts.
While Tobias Still worked Part-time at SDDepot, SDDepot was still the Official Technology Partner of Subdreamer, LLC (2006).

Ultimately, Tobias Needed to Move On - As He had dreams and aspirations which He felt Subdreamer's Company could provide. But ultimately; Subdreamer losing business firstly, and then Changing Hands of Ownership was Too much for Him to worry about. I noticed His posting at abruptly ended in 2013 or so.
Enough's enough; But I'm glad that Tobias was so delicate about following His dream; Because it was a sad time for Me. And an ever sadder time for SDDepot Customers. Tobias and I still are On Good Terms; And We did not exchange Any Heated words. Tobias is a real Gentleman.

To Have subdreamer suddenly being Non-functioning only 3-4 Months later was a Hit to SDDepot's business - A Hit which was Crippling. With a skeleton crew SDDepot still operated, But Subdreamer had ceased being an "In" product. At least until they let Tobias make a thousand fixes or so.

In Hindsight, I should Have sought out "Robert Skold" again and Inquired whether He'd want to Get back on board.

I'm pretty good at finding fixes to programming errors and challenges.
But unfortunately for Me Tobias Teschner already had another Company in Germany named Con-Dev. He worked expressly with SQL Database and Tabulated data. But now I'm sure He does a bit of everything [especially after working with Me, lol].

However, Summer 2006.. Subdreamer was non-functioning. There was too Much work to do and they had not been relying on Tobias. Instead they were relying on Ed to get things working - And I suppose there were just too many errors.      I was not happy, many months had been invested in making a solid product that people were happy with. Moreover, The Invision Power Board Program that I was using for a forum system had a (seemingly) very stable payment portal that I was using to accept payments for Paying Customers.

It had an auto renew selection in the product that i guess was bugged and it kept auto renewing. Eventually I had to shut down that paypal address entirely (Sorry to previous SDDepot customers.).

As both Invision Power Board's service staff were telling Me (and Paypal's help sections).
There were un-complicated ways of turning off these auto subscriptions through Paypal's site, but frankly it was not obvious.

"The next time I want to use a forum solution I will just Make My own. Not all that much to it until You try and make it complicated. I found Invision Power Board good, but its flaws almost Put Me Out of business.

But I was still in the game and had been studying CSS2 to its fullest extent. And here is the summation of that experience. The most user-friendly Dropdown Menu Ever Created.     It's called The Shark Menu. It works in every browser ever made, even the Older ones.

" And I Realized..... I had done the impossible
    and just made the Best CSS Dropdown Menu Ever Coded.

See The Demo:

in 2007 I had a beta of the Mass Media Pro which worked very well. And yet the newer version required a newer version of SQL. I've always been for making things for all versions; But that's Me.
I'd had offers of over twenty thousand to do some customisations to the thing but in reality I had to make choices - There was too much work to do.

And on top of that I had bought James Spibey's creations. Namely the Paypal Download Manager and He had some modifications which could be added - Integral with his Paypal Download Manager. It was a good price, and I still own the product and yet I'm here. Oh well.

I however think I might get back into programming - But this time My way. And My way is to test it on everything and change little. It may take more time initially but there is less problems. I think too that I would use more XML and less SQL because of the time required to load and access queries [information saved within a program].

I was working on a very interesting project which was in regard to site design. I was experimenting with concepts which allowed You to control the design and style with the touch of a button. Pretty amazing too. Maybe at one point I'll get a live demo uploaded - It was pretty cool :D. It was called the Graphite Pro Control Panel.

"Subdreamer however was losing its business, and I was tired of waiting for it to bounce back. It had already been nearly a Year - And I just did not have the time or money to get into it. Even My customers were not showing their faces at My site because they were reliant on the Subdreamer product. It was really sucky.

in 2008 I did something stupid. I threatened someone and I had been armed.

Me and him had been in a bad spot before and I did not want a re-occurence of that and worries; But there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.
Whilst it happened He tried to disarm Me and He cut Himself on the Arm - Even though He was holding some kind of rug or towel.

And since; I've been stuck in the system. And I have to admit. Being in the system as long as I have was; At first, directly in relation to the shame I have of doing what I did (But I did not kill anyone). But slowly, it's become a result of professional malpractice and criminal negligence (but not on My part).

"If an institution is any indication of what state a country is in, then Canada is in a very poor state.
On many occasions I have been told that I have
rights and yet; Those rights have not been respected or considered.

Hire Me

Non-Canadian and Non-United Kingdom Patrons Only!!!!

If You are looking for a writer of rap, country, alternative or punk music; I charge about 500 dollars per song (for commercial purposes). I expect recognition as the writer, but I would give discounts if You are an amateur or the song is non-profit.

I'm stuck in a system, and when I was in court; I told them I did not want to be stuck in a system being detained.

I was notified that this was My right to do; And the system which I would be detained in was "wholly a voluntary process".
And as I understood it; It was My right to say that I did not want to be detained in their system.

I had said I did not want to be in that system, in both oral and written form. I also tried to fire My lawyer. I have proof of this and I'll probably post scanned documents etc regarding it. But the strange part was when I tried to fire My lawyer I was squelched in the court room.

I mean, I'll sue - and both the court and the judge for negligence; But all the same; It does not change the fact that I'm stuck in the system now. And furthermore, raising the money to pay a lawyer is not easy either.

All I would have expected is that My status as a detainee would be "involuntarily detained" - But instead; They've kept Me in the system for a long time (Over 7 years).

Therefore I do not write songs or produce for Canadian Talent or to Citizens Of the United Kingdom

Only English Speaking American and European Clients Only!!!.

If You wish to buy My samples, You can do so at this URL:

As well; I provide instruction in the art of audio engineering and producing Music. I specialise in the products By Image-Line and Sony (Now Magix). I utilize software; And not hardware to emulate and produce.

To see beta projects I am working on; Try this url (Acidplanet):

I am probably the best writer of most genres in Canada; So it will be bad news for them; Good news for amercian, mexican european and customers from elsewhere..

I'm a better writer than Prince Or Leonard Cohen; And I think I could keep up with Sting, and any writers For Green Day...

I will probably move to the United States when I get out of the system.

And here's a list of terrible lawyers who You should never consider hiring:
- Matthew Stanley (Guelph, ON, Canada)
- Dale Ives (London, ON, Canada)
- Wanda Warren (Penetanguishene, ON, Canada)
- Peter Mudry (Penetanguishene, ON, Canada)
- Erin Dann (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- Di Luca, Copeland, Davies (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- Jason Rabinovich (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Eventually I will provide descriptions about Why they did poorly and who they are.

Thanks for considering Me as YOur producer and/or writer.

Contact Me

 If you wish to get ahold of me, your best bet would be snail mail,

You can do that by sending physical mail to this location:

Snail Mail                               

But if, for instance.. You wish to send me something via email if it is really important than a relative can look at it for me, but please label it important.


Your name:  
*Your email address:  
*Confirm email address:  

    * = Required Field  
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  • 1   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Rap - Le Attol - Ghost King (2016) - 1 - Track One - 1:Bitch (Danke, R. Nelson)  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 2   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Rap - Le Attol - Ghost King (2016) - 2 - Track Two - 2: Family Trees (Danke, R. Nelson)  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 3   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Rap - Le Attol - Ghost King (2016) - 3 - Track Three - 3: Ghetto Samurai (Contributors)  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 4   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Rap - Le Attol - Ghost King (2016) - 4 - Track Four - 4: Graduation  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 5   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Rap - Le Attol - Ghost King (2016) - 5 - Track Five - 5: Kronig Park  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 6   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Rap - Le Attol - Ghost King (2016) - 6 - Track Six - 6: Money  beta   2016 

  • 7   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Rap - Le Attol - Ghost King (2016) - 7 - Track Seven - 7: Roam  beta   2016 

  • 8   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Rap - Le Attol - Ghost King (2016) - 8 - Track Eight - 8: Squadron (Justin Trudeau)  beta   2016 

  • 9   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Rap - Le Attol - Ghost King (2016) - 9 - Track Nine - 9: The Hits  beta   2016 

  • 10   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - Ghost King (2016) - 10 - Track Ten - 10: Too Many (Ring Road)  beta   2016 

Le Attol: I Love My Mother Anne J Langford (2015)

  • 1   i    Freestep Techno EDM Electronic Dance Music - Le Attol - I Love My Mother Anne J Langford - 1 - Track One - 1: Amiss (Hillary Clinton - Contributing Artists)  Inst.rumental   2015 

  • 2   i    Freestep Techno EDM Electronic Dance Music - Le Attol - I Love My Mother Anne J Langford - 2 - Track Two - 2: DJ (Contributors)  Inst.rumental   2015 

  • 3   i    Freestep Techno EDM Electronic Dance Music - Le Attol - I Love My Mother Anne J Langford - 3 - Track Three - 3: Doing It (Contributors)  Inst.rumental   2015 

  • 4   i    Freestep Techno EDM Electronic Dance Music - Le Attol - I Love My Mother Anne J Langford - 4 - Track Four - 4: Endless (Contributors)  Inst.rumental   2015 

  • 5   i    Freestep Techno EDM Electronic Dance Music - Le Attol - I Love My Mother Anne J Langford - 5 - Track Five - 5: Flagg (Feat. Blueeskies, Eshar, Evisma)  Inst.rumental   2015 

  • 6   i    Freestep Techno EDM Electronic Dance Music - Le Attol - I Love My Mother Anne J Langford - 6 - Track Six - 6: Freedom (Feat. Blueeskies, Eshar, Evisma)  Inst.rumental   2015 

  • 7   i    Freestep Techno EDM Electronic Dance Music - Le Attol - I Love My Mother Anne J Langford - 7 - Track Seven - 7: God Of Party (Feat. Newsense - Contributing Artists)  2015 

  • 8   i    Freestep Techno EDM Electronic Dance Music - Le Attol - I Love My Mother Anne J Langford - 8 - Track Eight - 8: Psalm (Feat. Rob Meulman)  2015 

  • 9   i    Freestep Techno EDM Electronic Dance Music - Le Attol - I Love My Mother Anne J Langford - 8 - Track Eight - 9: Rennaissance (Feat. Danke, PlanetJazzBass)  2015 

  • 10   i    Freestep Techno EDM Electronic Dance Music - Le Attol - I Love My Mother Anne J Langford - 10 - Track Ten - 10: The Brave Ones (George Bush Jr.) (Feat. Danke)  2015 

  • 11   i    Freestep Techno EDM Electronic Dance Music - Le Attol - I Love My Mother Anne J Langford - 10 - Track Ten - 11: Thoughtless 2.0 ( Mix - Contributing Artists)  2015 

Le Attol: Anne Langford Vs The Forces Of Evil (2016)

  • 1   i    Reggae - Le Attol - Anne Langford Vs The Forces Of Evil (2016) - 1 - Track One - 1: One Rock  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

Le Attol: The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016)

  • 1   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 1 - Track One - 1: Beachhouse (Where We Used To Live)  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 2   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 2 - Track Two - 2: George (Fly Like A Bird)  beta   2016 

  • 3   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 3 - Track Three - 3: Half Life (Anti-Psychotics)  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 4   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 4 - Track Four - 4: Mathematics (William Langford)  beta   2016 

  • 5   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 5 - Track Five - 5: Rap of The Navigator (Fled)  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 6   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 6 - Track Six - 6: Rap Superstar  beta   2016 

  • 7   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 7 - Track Seven - 7: If There's A God (Brown Eyed Man)  beta   2016 

  • 8   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 8 - Track Eight - 8: Church Of Our Lady (Cathena)  beta   2016 

  • 9   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 9 - Track Nine - 9: In The Dark (ISIS)  beta   2016 

  • 10   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 10 - Track Ten - 10: Freeza (Tiberius)  beta   2016 

  • 11   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 11 - Track Eleven - 11: Kricket  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 12   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 12 - Track Twelve - 12: Adam (Collect Call)  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 13   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - The Glory Of Anne Langford (2016) - 13 - Track Thirteen - 13: Synth Love (Browser Wars)  beta   2016 

Le Attol: My Mothers Statue (2016)

  • 1   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mothers Statue (2016) - 1 - Track One - 1: Collected  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 2   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mothers Statue (2016) - 2 - Two 2: Fantasized  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 3   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mothers Statue (2016) - 3 - Three 3: Handy  beta   2016 

  • 4   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mothers Statue (2016) - 4 - Four 4: Jelly  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 5   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mothers Statue (2016) - 5 - Five 5: My Mothers Statue  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 6   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mothers Statue (2016) - 6 - Six 6: Hard (Vittles)  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 7   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mothers Statue (2016) - 7 - Seven 7: Waiting  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 8   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mothers Statue (2016) - 8 - Eight - 8: Die Inside  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

Le Attol: Britannias Anne Langford (2017)

  • 1   i    Brit-Pop British Britain Ireland Irish Le Attol - Britannias Anne Langford - 1 - 1: Angels In Their Eyes  beta   Inst.rumental   2016 

  • 2   i    Brit-Pop British Britain Ireland Irish Le Attol - Britannias Anne Langford - 2 - 2: In The Night Is Daylight (Feat. RekkerD)  beta   2016 

  • 3   i    Brit-Pop British Britain Ireland Irish Le Attol - Britannias Anne Langford - 3 - 3: In Happiness (Feat Danke, Umer, Nikkosaur & Mackan)  beta   2016 

  • 4   i    Brit-Pop British Britain Ireland Irish Le Attol - Britannias Anne Langford - 4 - 4: Children Of The Sun (Syria)  beta   2017 

Le Attol: The Romance Of William & Anne Langford (2017)

  • 1   i    Canada Canadiana Tragically Hip Folk - Le Attol - The Romance Of William & Anne Langford - 1 - 1: One Fire (Warm Flame)  beta   2016 

  • 2   i    Canada Canadiana Tragically Hip Folk - Le Attol - The Romance Of William & Anne Langford - 2 - 2: University  beta   2016 

Le Attol: My Mother's Wrath (2017)

  • Disc One of Two (Disc 1/2)

    1   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 1 of 2 - 1 - 1-1: Fantasized (Tender Vittles - Feat. NoVa)  2016 

  • 2   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 1 of 2 - 1 - One 1-2: Tactical (Feat. The Sonic Authority)  2016 

  • 3   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 1 of 2 - 3 - 1-3: Alleys (Europe Trance Version)  2017 

  • 4   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 1 of 2 - 4 - 1-4: Leafs (Feat. Danke & Mackan)  Inst.rumental   2017 

  • 5   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 1 of 2 - 5 - 1-5: Fighter in The Sky (Feat. Erik Jackson)  Inst.rumental   2017 

  • 6   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 1 of 2 - 6 - 1-6: Hands (Trump) (Feat. Danke)  2017 

  • 7   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 1 of 2 - 7 - 1-7: Bad State (Feat. Danke)  Inst.rumental   2017 

  • 8   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 1 of 2 - 8 - 1-8: Bad State (Nurse Woes)  beta   2017 

  • 9   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 1 of 2 - 9 - 1-9: The Crow (Priest)  beta   2017 

  • 10   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 1 of 2 - 10 - 1-10: Support Trump (Cats Go Home -Feat. Danke, At21Records)  beta   2017 

  • Disc Two of Two (Disc 2/2)

    1   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 2 of 2 - 1 - 2-1: Thug Nights (Polygamy)  beta   Inst.rumental   2017 

  • 2   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 2 of 2 - 2 - 2-2: Unichron (Nibiru -Rhinocerous)  beta   Inst.rumental   2017 

  • 3   i    Hiphop Hip-Hop Rap Thug Life ThugRap Thuglife Le Attol - My Mother's Wrath - Disc 2 of 2 - 3 - 2-3: Thug Meds (Hope)  beta   Inst.rumental   2017 

  • ABC Jazz
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